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"The Presiding Judge, on the Hutchins case,has ordered a two-week continuance of the "Hearing".

"The three former Defense Counsels, all USMCR officers, now on inactive duty, were called to the stand. Military prosecutors spent hours questioning Sergeant Hutchins' former military defense team as to their recollection regarding whether Hutchins was properly advised as to his protections and whether Sgt. Hutchins was given proper notification, that one of his Defense Attorney's was being released "no-notice" to inactive duty, prior to Hutchins GCM in 2007.

"The reason for this continuance is Richard Brannon's failure to show at this week's proceedings. Attorney Richard Brannon was Sgt. Hutchins' the lead civilian counsel.

"Hearing officials are attempting to contact civilian Brannon who lives and practices out of Georgia.

"The Presiding Judge and both counsels are interested in what Brannon has to say concerning his knowledge of the case and his defense of Sgt. Hutchins.

"From a layman's view point it is very apparent now as it was, during Hutchins general court martial that a lot of folks are very confused about the Hamdania combat episode.

"At the GCM, there was mass confusion as to who disigned the mission and who ordered the mission executed.

"That coupled with the fact the Convening Authority, needed a "patsy" and Hutchins ended up,being the "patsy".

"There appeared to be a lot of command influence involved, such as a statement made by the Convening Authority, to the parents of another member of the Pendleton 8, "even if it had been Bin Laden, they killed, it would have been wrong".

"That tells me that the CA had the Pendleton 8 pegged, as guilty, even before they went to trial.

"Other things, such as the presiding GCM hearing officer not allowing evidence to be heard that certainly would have gotten the panels attention, all favorable to the accused.

"Who authorized the immediate destruction of the thumb drive on the Lt's Phan's personal computer for instance?

" 'Commander's Intent' remains a subject of extraordinary interest so far left in the shadows.

"If someday, somebody will make a decision for a new court martial, we could blow a whole lot of holes in the government's case and hopefully get Hutchins restored to active duty as was Marine Sergeant Brian Foster just weeks ago.

"Sergent Foster served 9 years in Leavenworth until military officials realized it was all a mistake.

"If a new court-martial is convened I would order the following people to take the stand, the former 3/5 BnCdr, CoCdr, PltCdr & PltSgt and the former 1/1 BnCdr. The Platoon was OPCON to 1/1, at the time.

"My understanding is that Hutchins will remain confined in the Camp Pendleton Brig for the next two (2) weeks, rather than be sent back to the United States Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, or kept at the Camp Pendleton Brig until Richard Brannon is located. Counselor Brannon was Sergeant Hutchins' lead civilian defense counsel at the GCM.

"The Hutchins family have extended their stay, here, until after Brig visitation on Sunday evening (23 August) and then I will drive them to the airport for a night flight home. They are very tired at this point.

Semper fi,
Don Greenlaw, Captain, United States Marine Corps Retired"


It's reported Richard Brannon agreed to testify this week at Sergeant Hutchins' hearing petitioning for a new court martial.

Brannon didn't show. Brannon didn't notify anyone he wasn't going to show. Today the word is that military authorities have requested the assistance law enforcement to locate Brannon.

Richard Brannon's criminal conduct regarding his defense of Sergeant Hutchins is aggressively reported and public record.

Any one knowing the whereabouts of Richard Brannon is free to email information here:

Fair winds, following seas...

P.S. From Skip:


Visitation hours for this weekend are 12:30PM to 2:30PM on Saturday and Sunday. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES YOU'LL BE ALLOWED IN. GIVE IT A GO, AND LET US KNOW HOW IT GOES (

As Capt. Don stated above Larry could be kept here for a couple of more weeks.

Hope to see you all at the front gate Sat.10AM - Noon

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Copyright © 2009 The JAG HUNTER

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