Sunday, April 19, 2009

From the parents of Army Lieutenant Michael Behenna:

"We finally talked to Michael on the telephone. He sounded as good as can be expected. He could not stop talking about the mail he received not only from his family and friends, but people all over the US who did not know him. We cannot thank each of you enough for promoting Michael's story throughout the state of Oklahoma and the nation. His one wish before he left for Ft Leavenworth was that his story would stay alive so other soldiers may not have to endure similar treatment by the military. Through your efforts, Michael has received letters from people that believe in him as a soldier and are outraged by the injustice he has endured. It is these letters that will sustain him through his fight for an appeal, which we will win, but will take some time. That is precious time from a 25 year old who is not a threat to anyone, was doing his job, wrongly convicted, and just wants to get on with his life. We are continually updating Michael's web site - particularly the links, which are a credit to all of you -so feel free to pass the site, and his story on to everyone who will listen.

Thanks again, you are true patriots!

Scott & Vicki Behenna"

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