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Judge says statements of man accused in Temecula murder can't be used - The Californian / North County Times

Clark ruled that all of Rivers' statements to detectives at the NCIS offices, on the drive back to the Southwest Sheriff's Station in French Valley, at a polygraph examination in San Bernardino, and during questioning at the station after the polygraph test will not be heard as evidence in the trial.

JAG Hunter here: Comparing and contrasting how a constitutional civilian court and trial system handles a case charging Navy Chief Petty Officer Philip Charles Rivers with murder to how the military establishment--employing unconstitutional courts-martial-- is handling the murder charges against the "CAMP PENDLETON 7," is the strongest indictment of the military discipline process so far found printed publicly. It's certainly another indictment of "beyond boundaries (bb's)" Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) federal agents. There are laws prohibiting federal military police agencies from invading local, civilian community police investigations. I would like to see, to set an example, both the civilian and military law enforcement officials regarding their investigation of CPO Rivers face charges themselves for the laws they've trepassed upon in there illicit collusion. the way...let me suggest all NCIS work product tossed out, declared worthless in the case of the CAMP PENDLETON 7, for the same reason Superior Judge Judith Clark uses. That's another way of saying toss out the only evidence, the manufactured evidence NCIS agents like Jim Connolly piled up against these fine Marines and allow the Marines to go free, returned to duty.

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