Friday, October 13, 2006

Doonesbury creator starts military blog

[Garry Trudeau] wrote that he hopes to let readers see "the unclassified details of deployment - the everyday, the extraordinary, the wonderful, the messed-up, the absurd."


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At Sun Oct 15, 11:36:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Kathi said...

The Sandbox is really worth the read!
And your own blog is also extremely good..I can't believe you don't have more comments.
(Came here via Yankeemom, who got here via Andi's World:)

At Sun Oct 15, 05:01:00 PM EDT, Blogger The JAG Hunter said...


It's how the world works. But word is getting around.

Our troops are getting hammered in the military discipline system. It must stop. Doin' what I can to protect our servicemen.

Thanks for your insights.

Take care,
Walt Fitzpatrick
USN (Retired)
The JAG Hunter


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