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Stephen Lumpkin, a JAG HUNTER reader from Phoenix, Arizona shared a sentiment I paraphrase below being spoken in open conversations around the nation by Armed Citizens of American that is this:

Our Constitution is not negotiable!
Not one single part, not ever!
We will never back down!
We will never surrender!

The Second American Revolution is commenced. 

To prevail in what will become an ever escalating conflict Soetoro-Obama will have to unconstitutionally order U.S. military forces  to act against U.S. Citizens on American soil.

When that happens there is unassailable reason to believe U.S. troops will be targeting Americans in the Homeland operating jointly with foreign forces. 

U.S. troops have already deployed to American cities acting in the role of civilian police.

Signed agreements with foreign military forces are in place. 

Joint forces training is long underway.

The question for me then is this: 

Who is going to obey Soetoro-Obama's unlawful orders?

Mr. Soetoro-Obama presently holds only so much power as is vested in him by the American military. 
American servicemen owe their allegiances and their duty to the protection of Our Constitution and Our Freedoms. 

Because of the deafening silence we cannot afford to evade any longer, it's come time for us to proactively find out where each individual serviceman stands. 

With their neighbors? With Our Constitution? With Our Freedoms? 

 Or against?

One of my skippers once told me that for any given task there are two parts; (1) A talkin' part and, (2) A doin' part.

I need to know right now by your actions, from each and every U.S. Serviceman: 


The American People need to know! 

And speaking for myself: I'm tired of all the talk!

So here's something every American Warrior must DO!

And I must insist. 

Your silence, your failure to act will be acknowledged as perjury to your oath to the defense of Our Constitution, and to the defense of Our Freedom.

Write this one sentence letter to Obama, or Soetoro:

"Mr. Soetoro-Obama:

"Prove to me your orders to me are lawful; prove to me you are constitutionally eligible to be my commander in chief!"

Then sign you name. Give a return address. Make two copies at least. 

TWO COPIES! One for for me.

Then go to Post Office and send the letter certified mail. Use this address:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
Washington,  DC  20500  

Keep the certified mail receipt. Laminate the receipt if you like, carry the certified receipt with your military identification card.

Ensure you keep the certified mail number!

Then send one copy of the letter to me with the a copy of the certified mail receipt:

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
P.O. Box 375
Sweetwater, Tennessee 37874-0375

On receipt I'll confirm the certified mail number and post your name on this website with the certified mail number.


Write and file a criminal complaint naming Soetoro-Obama in commission of Treason.

or craft your own language. Try to keep your criminal complaint to one page, but not more than two (should you decide to have the complaint notarized, or you use a letterhead). 

Send the complaint for Treason certified mail using the same instructions as above. 

Send the criminal complaint for Treason to your nearest U.S. Attorney's office, or to your nearest Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office, or both!

And again, send me a copy with the certified mailing number and I'll post it up!

I'll get help if I need it. Let's pray the call for reinforcements is sounded!

Then, for every American Citizen your job is ask--in a few weeks--

"Did you send your letter?" 

If the answer is YES, ask for the certified mail number. 

Should they answer, "NO," ask them, "Why not?"

Our military stands as the forcing function that elicits a public and credible answer from Soetoro-Obama regarding his constitutional lawfulness (or outlawry) in the issuance of any military order.

Our Citizenry stands as the forcing function to insist our servicemen in each of their local communities do their duty in protecting your Freedom. Simply ask each military man or woman:  

"Did you send your letter?"

The Veterans must ask each other. Veterans of every description. Pay close attention to answers you receive. 

Exchange receipt numbers as you exchange coins. 

'Cause here's the deal: It is the duty of each and every American serviceman to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

It is THEIR DUTY to refuse an unlawful order!

It is THEIR DUTY to each and every U.S. Citizen to send the letter (one...or the other).

And for every person claiming to be an "OATH KEEPER," there's a talkin' part, and there's a doin' part.


To repeat: Your silence, your failure to act becomes public perjury. It marks you as a person who is ready, willing, and able to deny your neighbor the protections against government tyranny and oppression.

Writing and sending the first letter is nothing more than carrying out a duty required in the normal performance of your duty.

Writing the second letter assigning Treason is a test of your Character. There attaches no shame for not writing the Treason letter.

I lay down this challenge because I know there are U.S. military men and women who will refuse to write either letter.

Let me describe this Troop or Sailor or Marine to you. 

They are prepared to attack American Citizens on the Homeland.

They are prepared to attack American Citizens on the Homeland shoulder to shoulder with foreign soldiers!

They are self-possessed by an avarice for rank. They are more protective of their retirement than they are of your Freedom or the Freedom of your children.

It's just been reported that recruiting and reenlistment numbers are at their highest levels since 1973 (36-years ago). 

It's the economy. 

There are some service members in this environment more interested in keeping a steady, good-paying job than they are motivated to obey the Constitution. 

These kinds of folks are more than willing to sacrifice your Freedoms for their security. 

Upton Sinclair put it this way: " It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on his not understanding it."

It's the same philosophy and way of life embraced by union members, street thugs and unctuous lobbyists.

Embedded in today's U.S. military are gang members focused upon taking over parts of America--some believe they are retaking their own lands back. The Constitution means nothing to them...NOTHING!

There are those who have not read the Constitution, or do not understand what the Constitution commands, or those who do not care.

The U.S. military is not protecting American borders.

There are those troops misplaced in their beliefs that substituting civilian police with military police is constitutionally acceptable. They fully accept the "necessity" of "preventative detention," and attainder in all forms. 

Then there are the cowards.

I can assure you our American military admits by their enduring silence that a clear and present danger lurks among us. 

So to those who have ever worn or wear the uniform...those military men and women who've ever sworn their oath to the Constitution...send your letters.  

Prove to your neighbors you are with them, not against them!

For every other U.S. Citizen,  insist your military community members send their letters.

Then hold them accountable!



Your mission is this: Next time the White House propaganda wonks attempt to film this video, you won't be able to see the man for the mail!

Feel free to report your progress using The JAG HUNTER "comments" facility (found at the bottom of each posting), or by email:, or by snail mail. 

Let me know if you want to help.

Our Constitution is not negotiable!
Not one single part, not ever!
We will never back down!
We will never surrender!





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