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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Sergeant Lawrence G. Hutchins, III, USMC
Box 555226
Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base
Camp Pendleton, California


Dear Sergeant Hutchins,

Now hear this Marine!

Rich Brannon, your civilian lead defense counsel, is actively obstructing your participation in your own defense.

Brannon leads a flying wedge of defense lawyers, coached by Harvard Professor/Counselor Alan Dershowitz, running blockers to knock down people such as myself holding the key proving your innocence and offering you freedom.

I’m certain, as in the case of Army Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard, that sub rosa (secret) discussions are cobbling together and crafting a back-room deal between Rich Brannon, Alan Dershowitz, and government functionaries the purpose of which is to keep you in a Defense Department dungeon for a good part of the rest of your life.

You’ve already been found guilty.

Brannon is on the record (reported under the advice and counsel of Alan Dershowitz) declaring your criminal conduct the act of a sick man (that would be you Sergeant). All that’s left to determine is how long you’ll be kept in the military catacombs.

Brannon (aided by criminal companions like Dershowitz) is picking the pockets of anyone paying him.

All of this is going on while there exists a dispositive document record you and your defense team have reviewed in relevant part, laying down the template for the criminal operation of modern-day military ceremonies we know as “courts-martial.”

Elements of that pattern incorporate declarative written conclusions of guilt by accusers then free to assemble their own personal hearings—populating the hearing by their own hand—to examine their own invented and false accusations. The design allows for criminalizing non-crimes, naming innocent acts as somehow violations of military virtue. It allows for incompetent confessions that may be coerced or created (by criminal impersonation—forgery).

The courts-martial system embraces and encourages introduction of impostor or “ghost,” personages used to witness fictionalized episodes. More, JAGs routinely suborn perjury of real people (procured or induced) to witness in support of their military fantasies.

And advocates to the admirals and generals (JAGs) willfully destroy any written or electronic record that reports the truth. Destruction of real, tangible physical evidence is required in the world of make believe.

Criminals in high-command, convening authorities like Lt.Gen. Mattis in your general court-martial (agents deputized by the commander-in-chief), are perfectly positioned to operate corrupt and corrupted military ceremonies (courts-martial) that give life to government mendacity while simultaneously taking or destroying your life (along with the lives of family and friends).

Mattis, for instance, willfully relies upon the incompetent and infected investigative work product of JAMES H. CONNOLLY and ERNEST A. SIMON. These men—CONNOLLY and SIMON—are known and reported federal felons and extant participants in a long-running criminal enterprise reported widely, publicly, and separately. SIMON and CONNOLLY are then—as recognized and reported crooked cops—completely undone and impeached in their duties regarding their investigation of your case.

CONNOLLY and SIMON, along with other Naval Criminal Investigative Service special agents, are named as federal criminals this day in reports filed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, and the NCIS among other police organizations. The NCIS is reported, as an organization, a group of henchmen working for contumacious flag officers —our admirals and generals—recently recognized a military mafia (quoting Army Major General Taguba from his contemporary The New Yorker magazine interview).

You are being punished without law in a system wherein these criminals in command are themselves immune from consequence.

You, Rich Brannon, Alan Dershowitz, and other members of your defense team are advised on these matters previously and aggressively in the belief that this information, conjoined with allied Navy-Marine Corps documents, stands as the strongest column in your defense.

My immediate understanding is you’ve directed Rich Brannon that these writings and my personal testimony are to be used in your defense to free you from incarceration.

Brannon and his team of merry men have ignored your directives. One month out from the commencement of you military ceremony, there are no subpoenas issued summoning document production or my appearance. There has been no trial preparation of any type or kind.

More than that, outside observers—I among them—are convinced your defense team holds you cloistered, forcing your silence by keeping you out of sight and out of mind. It’s believed Brannon, Dershowitz, and cohorts are determined to foreclose upon what’s commonly considered one of your chief opportunities for freedom.

Your mom and dad have been overpowered, and are overwhelmed. They can’t help you. Besides that, they’re not rich enough to buy you out of your troubles, as for example, our more senior military commanders are able to buy their way out of their travails (think of Colonel Steele, for instance, paying Professor Dershowitz as discussed anon).

Speaking for myself, I’m particularly troubled by reports of Harvard Professor /Attorney Alan Dershowitz’s unsolicited insinuation into your case.

Dershowitz is retained civilian defense counsel to Army Colonel Michael Steele involving Army Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard (and others—the IRON TRIANGLE case). Your situation is nearly identical to that of Ray’s.

Ray Girouard’s GCM was the work product of Army JAGs who created a fiction born of coerced testimony used to punish Ray without the benefit of law. Army JAGs forced and suborned perjured testimony in an act of attainder while Ray’s defense team sat on their hands and studied their shoes. Now, Ray Girouard finds himself behind bars at the United States Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth.

Ray Girouard demanded that Colonel Steele testify so as to support Ray’s going free as an innocent man. Army JAGs, Alan Dershowitz, and others successfully blocked Ray’s desperate efforts at self-defense by blocking Steele from undergoing public scrutiny and examination.

I’m being blocked now by your defense attorneys from testifying on your behalf regarding the criminal conduct of NCIS Agents CONNOLLY and SIMON (and others). My personal experience with the corrupt and corrupted courts-martial system is also being silenced.

Alan Dershowitz’s immediate participation in your court-martial is no coincidence. Dershowitz’s involvement in your case, due to active solicitation by your federal representative—Congressman William Delahunt, while contemporaneously defending Colonel Michael Steele sounds a blaring alarm siren.

All of this is observed in an atmosphere whereupon you’ve already been found guilty, as publicly voiced by a staff attorney to Congressman William Delahunt, to your parents and others. Delahunt’s mouthpiece further observed all that remains to be determined is how long you’ll be Ray Girouard’s neighbor. And again, know this; Brannon’s advance of a PTSD defense admits your guilt while offering an excuse for your criminal conduct.

Then this question to you Sergeant Hutchins: How much time do you think you’re going to do?

No attempt is being made, so far as I or anyone watching closely can tell, to protest your innocence by way of aggressive defense. Rich Brannon, working hand-to-glove with Dershowitz, has become your greatest threat.

Meanwhile, no one can get to you to sound the alarm. More than that, Rich Brannon—after declaring your guilt in advance and in public—has gone to ground.

I must testify on your behalf on those matters profiled here and elsewhere. I can do that for the price of cab-fare to the nearest video teleconference site anywhere inside the Kitsap Naval Base complex footprint surrounding my residence. If Lt.Gen. Mattis persists in advancing your GCM after reading this letter, and refuses to respond to efforts to defend yourself, this letter must be read aloud during your GCM and a copy introduced into the written record.

Here endth the lesson.

Beware the fury of the patient man,


Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

United States Navy, Retired – Surface Warfare (command-at-sea qualified), Naval Parachutist
Still serving – John 15:13
B.S. United States Naval Academy (with military honors), Class of 1975
MBA Technology Management, UOP 2002
The JAG Hunter

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At Sat Mar 14, 08:48:00 PM EDT, Blogger jack said...

NCIS is the most inept and corrupt of all DOD/Federal law enforcement agencies. The are unfortunately the Kings men who will protect the guilty if they are in a position of powerful but crucify those down the line. They tried to improve their name/image. I have 20 years with fed LEA experience and they haven't changed. They are an example Two bit petty bureaucrats whose primary mission is to protect the higher ups and own corrupt agents by disregarding directives and trampling on peoples rights whenever it suits there purpose. They suck


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