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A 17-Year Nightmare of Identity Theft Finally Results in Criminal Charges - New York Times

The case illustrates the tangled trail identity theft can leave, said Rocky Delgadillo, the city attorney, although he called this one “extraordinary” both for the duration of the fraud and the number of crimes traced to Mr. Rogge under his assumed name.

JAG Hunter here: Unfortunately this isn't the case regarding the commander in chief's criminal impersonation of my name committed also in 1990 covered up by, among others, the FBI, the NCIS, and Navy JAG ever since, and to this very moment.

With the capture of this clown in Los Angeles last week it's well to say the duration of the CINC's fraud is even more enduring and the number of crimes traced to the Oval Office even more numerous and supremely more serious than those of the common street thug behind bars in L.A.

But so what?

In the situation regarding this punk caught after seventeen years eluding there's described a process wherein a crime may be reported, investigated, pursued, and eventually prosecuted as appropriate.

This juxtaposed to our military society of government where no like system exists; none!

Theft no matter how small is prosecutable. Forgery--identity theft--committed by any person is a crime. That is except in the case when committed by the commander in chief (known to you as our chief executive, the president of the United States), or any of his very senior military governors.

I'll leave it to readers to consider the larger, dark consequences that attach to the operation of one government within another--both in competition--while I repeat here and extend my exposition of the commander in chief as himself a criminal in command...the leader of so very many other criminals in military command.

I extend and renew my exposition naming Commander in Chief George W. Bush a criminal as a commissioned officer, United States Navy (Retired), fully subject to recall to active duty and court-martial under the UCMJ.

I believe this to be first instance in the history of our military establishment whereupon a subordinate commissioned officer has named and publicly advanced a sustainable criminal case against an incumbent commander in chief (who's acting in concert with the two immediately preceding CINCs) regarding his criminal conduct as CINC.

Here endth the lesson.

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