Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hutchins' statement to NCIS Special Agent James H. Connolly ruled admissible at trial

In granting prosecutors authority to introduce the statement from Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III at his impending trial for murder, kidnapping and related offenses, the judge turned aside arguments from his attorneys, who earlier this month contended that the statement was obtained illegally.

JAG Hunter here: There now exist in public view two discredited statements personally held under the protection of Supervisory Special Agent James H. Connolly (with many others), and by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and Navy JAG as corrupt, deceitful organizations. The government represents both illicit writings as "voluntary confessions."

At least one editor and two reporters on the North County Times staff are personally alerted to NCIS Agent Conolly's and NCIS/Navy JAGcriminal conduct and yet fail to report what they know, or dig deeper to discover more.

Mark Walker, for example, has become the male print media poster child for incomplete, slanted, biased, and incompetent reportage. The AP's Kristin Hall stands as Walker's contemporary female counterpart in her reports regarding the ongoing court-martial of Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard. Walker fails to even mention NCIS Agent Connolly in the report linked here while elsewhere, Hall ignored yesterday's bracing testimony revealing the government's case against Ray Girouard is nothing but a Potemkin's Village constructed from the government's suborned perjury (statements forced spoken against self-interest, under extreme duress, coerced from weak men like Corey Clagett).

Also this: Walker insists on fiction suggesting juries are part of the military courts-martial system. Juries are not provided for in martial disciplinary hearings; the word "jury" nowhere appears in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Military "juries" do not exist.

Here endth the lesson.

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