Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Semper Fi Mac...

"Gabby" Guy Gabaldon, Pied Piper of Saipan, crosses the river at age 80

"The private acknowledged his plan was foolish and, had it not been pulled off, could have resulted in a court-martial. His family suspected his initial disobedience _ though they say officers later approved _ might have kept him from receiving the Medal of Honor."

JAG Hunter here: Sign of the times--We say to our military men and women that as a country we will remember their sacrifices. Politicians and press folks are fond of repeating that lie because it disingenuously suggests, somehow, a shared sacrifice that most politicians and press personages do not share. Most Americans don't remember because they did not serve; a sad, distressing modern day fact. Take for example the contemporary and extraordinary press coverage and commiseration over the death of a clown. Reported everywhere is the reckless and predictable outcome that results from the combination of irresponsibility and self-promotion--getting stabbed in the heart by a fish. Meantime, Gabby Gabaldon's passing is reported not much more prominently than any other local obituary (kudos to Townhall.com for their pick-up).


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