Monday, September 4, 2006

Marine hearing officers to review Hamdania evidence in private

"Most of those exhibits are reports and witness statements gathered by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service."

JAG Hunter here: The NCIS is a rogue outfit that acts not just above the law, but beyond the law. Their self-applied "beyond boundaries" tag line is highly descriptive of this out of control, extra-constitutional, military establishment praetorian guard. Special Agent Ernest "Ernie" Simon, for example, is currently participating in a felony criminal enterprise the purpose of which is to protect senior Department of Defense and Department of the Navy civilian and military personnel from indictment and prosecution; laconically, to keep Navy from looking "really bad." Erine Simon, ironically currently serves as the NCIS Executive Assistant Director for Criminal Investigations.

Crimes committed by NCIS special agents like Erine Simon are as widely reported as they are in public view. Allegations made against the Pendleton Eight are rendered worthless if only because the NCIS, under Ernie Simon's direct responsibility, is the lead investigtive agency. To the point: Any contemporary NCIS criminal investigation is compromised precisely because Ernie Simon holds oversight authority and responsibility.


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