Monday, September 18, 2006 - Transcript: John Negroponte on 'FNS' - FOX News Sunday | Chris Wallace:

"The president always says that he listens to his commanders in the field. Why, in this case, is he refusing to listen to his legal commanders? The judge advocate general of every branch of the military opposes the president's plan for these tribunals."

JAG Hunter here: Reported below is my take on TJAG testimony delivered to the House Armed Services Committee two weeks ago. Last week the TJAGs executed a smart about face after called to meet with Defense Department General Counsel William J. Haynes, II. What we saw happen was a replay of Harry Truman's "come hither" moment with General Doug MacAurthur (see TJAG letters below).

So far, the TJAGs escaped safely. MacAurthur got fired. 1st Lt. Ehren Watada is being court-martialed (as was demoted General "Billy" Mitchell).

No sitting commander in chief is going to tolerate active duty officers publicly denouncing White House policy. The proper course of action for these TJAG officers to follow, if committed to their opposition to the commander in chief, is to resign.

There's still time for them to execute that manuever.


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