Wednesday, July 28, 2004

U.S. Senate transcript

Sydney Indymedia - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Senate Armed Services Committee holds hearing on the Army's Official Report on Abu Ghraib Prison Torture
During the course of his inspection, General Mikolashek's team noted that since October 2001, U.S. forces have detained some 50,000 individuals in Afghanistan and Iraq. As of 9 June 2004, which was the cut-off date for General Mikolashek's report, there were 94 cases of confirmed or possible abuse of any type, which include theft, physical assault, sexual assault, and death. The Army has initiated criminal investigations into these allegations, and where appropriate, legal action has been and will be taken.

JAG Hunter down here ~ ... where appropriate, legal action has been and will be taken, that is, except in the case of senior commanders...


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