Wednesday, July 28, 2004

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Pentagon cave-dwellers immediately labeled junior enlisted personnel photographed abusing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib as the "six morons," this according to a recent Army Times editorial (and the reference Mr. Lileks makes in the article linked below). I knew then, as I know now, senior commanders tacitly ordered and were fully complicit in attempts to extract whatever information perceived available leading to the capture of OBL, Saddam, or the unearthing of WMDs. James Lileks is joined by the esteemed editors at the Wall Street Journal by advancing a misplaced trust in military governors that, harassment, torture-light, or worse, was the handiwork of a few junior soldiers at a single venue. Today 94-cases of prisoner abuse are in public view. I'm certain that number low. Charges of mistreatment run from outright murder to accessorizing prison garb with women's lingerie. Reported misconduct occurred at Marine Corps and Army detention centers in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Gitmo. One investigation, being swept under the carpet, is advertised as looking into a brutal beating one of our own soldiers received, delivered by U.S. prison guards who mistook the unfortunate soul as a real prisoner ~ this during a training exercise. Perpetuating the durable myth that only junior enlisteds are responsible for these outrages (and more) does a disservice to us all. The way to the truth is to court-martial the generals and "humble" civilian counterparts in federal court who are more responsible than their subordinates.

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James Lileks
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...courts-martial for the Abu Ghraib morons...


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