Friday, October 30, 2009

Robert Hefner writes: "A Nobel prize winner masquerading as a Nobel prize winner... masquerading as an American."

"Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself ~~Lillian, you should have remained a virgin."--Lillian Carter (Jimmy's mother)


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A friend of mine, from another blog, posted this and I felt like I needed to share this with the JAG Hunter.
Received email from my senator Richard Burr – here is excerpt that really made me mad:

“Also with regard to our veterans, yesterday, I spoke on the Senate floor about protecting the constitutional rights of our veterans. Unbeknownst to many, veterans who come to the VA for help, but who cannot manage their own financial affairs, are labeled as “mentally defective.” On that basis alone, their names are put in an FBI database (along with criminals) and are denied their Second Amendment rights. These decisions about whose names to send to the FBI are not being made by judges or through a judicial process, but by VA employees who work with veterans.

According to the spouse of one veteran who reached out to the VA Committee, a VA fiduciary told her husband – a seriously-wounded Iraq veteran – that not only would he not be permitted to keep an heirloom gun he intended to hand down to his son, but he would also not be permitted to go on adaptive hunting trips. This was not because he was deemed a danger to himself or others, but only because VA had appointed a fiduciary to help the family manage their finances. What’s worse is that this injustice is happening to the dependents of these veterans as well. That’s why I have introduced a bill to protect the constitutional rights of our veterans by ending this arbitrary practice. My bill, the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act (S.669), protects the rights of veterans by ensuring that only a judge — not an agency bureaucrat — can determine whether a veteran is a danger to himself or herself or to others and whether to refer the veteran’s name to the FBI. This is to ensure that veterans receive due process under the law. This legislation is supported by the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, AMVETS, and the Military Order of the Purple Heart.”

How dare these people treat our veterans this way. Something is really wrong with our country when our vets are treated this way.


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