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Patriots and Constitutionalists:

Our Constitution is under attack, and our White House is being occupied by a Usurper, a person who has no Constitutional authority to do so.  And we are being stonewalled at every turn by a complicit Congress and Judiciary, and a complacent public.  It is time to WAKE UP that complacent and unaware PUBLIC. 

And that is where YOU come in.  Most of us feel helpless in this fight to save our Constitution and our Sovereignty, often saying, ‘But what can I, as just one person with no voice, do?’.  Well here’s something EVERYONE can do, from Little ol’ Ladies to Bristling Bruisers, as you go about your daily lives.

Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) was born of a father who was of British-Kenyan citizenship at the time of his birth, and therefore does not meet the requirements of Article II Section 1 of the Constitution for the Presidency of the U.S., NO MATTER WHERE HE WAS BORN.  He was, and still is, Constitutionally INELIGIBLE to be POTUS and/or Commander in Chief.  Without a Constitutional Amendment – for future Presidential races – no amount of stonewalling and secrecy and ‘resolutions’ can change that.  The assumed President and CINC MUST GO, and the people must know.  Here is the simple message that all must see:

OBAMA NOT NATURAL BORN -Kenyan-British Art2 Section 1 ineligible-219x83.jpg
Article 2 Section 1  Ineligible

This was designed as a bumper sticker (by a fellow patriot who was visited by the Secret Service due to anonymous false charges that he ‘threatened the life of the President’.  After 2 hours, the SS investigators left satisfied that there was no threat, and with an ‘Obama Not Natural Born’ bumper sticker (eBay > ‘Obama Sticker Natural’) saying “If he would only show his Birth Certificate, this would ALL BE OVER!”.

It has now been placed into a Word document (attached) as a 30 per page LABEL STICKER (Avery Label Blank # 8160, 6245, 5260 – 1” x 2 5/8”), that you can peel and stick anywhere and everywhere:

(30) OBAMA NOT NAT BORN Labels-10% (227x292).JPG
      (30) per page Address Label sheet
Attached is the master of that label template as a Word document (for label printing – laser or ink jet). Carry a sheet of 30 of them with you wherever you go, then stick them on:
·         Obama bumper stickers – if you can find them anymore;
·         Toilet seats and urinals/toilet stall doors (people need something to think about while sitting there);
·         Mirrors and store windows & doors.  Front-side window of all parked cars (everybody should get one);
·         Front and back of envelopes – when paying bills, sending letters, and using postage-prepaid solicitation envelopes (NOTE: stick one on the money solicitation part of a survey);

(5) POSTAGE PREPAID ENVELOPES w- OBAMA NOT NB stickers-10% (194x255).JPG
(5) Postage-Prepaid envelopes with Stickers
·         The backside (customer side) of cash registers at check-out counters/ credit card swipe machines at checkout counters;
·         On Name Badges at events (especially political conventions/meetings/Town Halls); Paste on lapel pins or buttons;
·         Covers of magazines in waiting rooms – anywhere and everywhere;
·         Every letter (or paste into every email) to your Congress-members and State Assembly-members;
·         Parking meters; Hand rails and standing posts on public transportation; Light-changing buttons at crossings;
·         Petition-signing clipboards – in exchange for your signature (as I did recently outside Trader Joe’s);
·         Copies of ‘The Audacity of Hope’ and ‘Dreams From my Father’ (as a hint to what’s inside) on store shelves everywhere;
·         Some of the paper money you carry – for when you don’t use your cc/ATM card (NOTE: stick one on the front of each of your cards so it will be seen by everyone who sees or handles them);
For the more aggressive patriots:
·         The backs of Liberals in a crowd (don’t get caught);
·         Palm one – so it sticks to the hand of people you meet and greet with a handshake;
·         On your forehead when walking down the street/in a crowd (be prepared with your best Tae-Kwon-Do moves);
·         Your right buttock when you go for your annual physical (this one is optional, and not for the squeamish);
·         Etc., etc.

Place them anywhere and everywhere you can think of.  Let us know when you think of more, and we’ll let the people know.  Now go do your part – every day – to help save our Constitution and our Country.
Remember: We can survive 4 years of anyone as President; we cannot survive without our Constitution.

Neil B. Turner



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