Wednesday, February 28, 2007

NCIS Special Agent Connolly testifies Marine said he shot Iraqi man in head!

Connolly said he only realized something was wrong with Hutchins' account when the Navy corpsman attached to the squad, Melson J. Bacos, told agents a very different version of events...


JAG Hunter here: Supervisory Special Agent James H. Connolly is a criminal. Connolly, with many other NCIS sycophants and Navy/Marine Corps JAGs are actively involved in extraordinary illicit business running now for nearly two decades. These events are widely known, widely reported, and completely ignored.

Connolly's singular role in the investigations regarding those infantry combat episodes occuring in Haditha, then Hamdania renders them incompetent. Conolly's investigative work is beyond repair. Connolly is joined in this criminal enterprise by hundreds of other senior uniformed and civilian Defense Department officials.

Navy Commander Tim Zeller confirmed this all just two months ago. Rigging courts-martial to convict is business as usual.

The practical effect of yesterday's revelations are that Marine Sgt. Larry Hutchins and Army Staff Sergeant Ray Girouard must be released instantly. Connolly stands as poster child for CID/NCIS in the industrial manufacture of crime scenes were no crime is committed. Girouard, Hutchins, and their comrades in arms are being sacrificed in politically correct atonement responsive to a press corps generally condemnatory of America's military magnified by inappropriate Iraqi government pressures.

Courts-martial already completed are not just voidable, they are void.

Here endth the lesson.

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