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An American Soldier's Family Asks For Help

La Jolla, CA- The family of Staff Sergeant Ray Girouard, a 24 year old highly-decorated elite Army Ranger who has served two tours of duty in Iraq,is asking for your help.

While out on a mission to raid a terrorist training camp (let that sink in), Staff Sergeant Girouard gave orders to shoot three Iraqi detainees who he says had attempted escape after having been captured as prisoners. An investigation initially cleared him of any wrong doing, but he now faces charges of murder after a conflicting account of what happened was provided by a disgruntled soldier under his command.

Today Ray Girouard sits in a military prison and is unable to afford a civilian attorney for proper legal representation. He is represented only by the military equivalent of a public defender: someone who is over-booked, under-staffed and waiting for 5PM to arrive daily.

Ray Girouard deserves a fair hearing with expert representation free from politics and outside agendas. Without proper representation the military judicial system will force a plea bargain deal and harsh sentence without blinking an eye, as has happened to other soldiers in this case who also could not afford outside legal help. Sound impossible in America? Just ask Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose' Compeon.

Those interested in contributing to Girouard's legal expenses can write to:

American Legion Post 106, C/O Joe Tolson,
P.O. Box 256, Sweetwater, TN 37874.
The memo on your check should read SSG Ray Girouard Legal Expense

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