Friday, January 12, 2007

JAG Hunter here:

Now that military governors approved foreign witnesses to testify against American servicemen regarding allegations of criminal conduct, I demand here and now
American juries decide these questions of guilt or innocence. The day is arrived to command federal officials to obey the Constitution and provide for jury trials (under Article III) for all U.S. citizens.

Juries are absent from the military discipline system, an inconvenient truth the Congress has never been forced to address. It's been long-observed the Articles of War (euphemistically renamed the Uniform Code of Military Justice) irreconcilable with America's Constitution. As it stands, our chief executive, wearing his commander-in-chief's uniform is permitted by Congress to act directly against U.S. military personnel regarding allegations of criminal conduct without public examination and a jury's permission.

It's the very act of attainder forbidden under our Constitution.

This practice of attainder must come to an end with immediate effect.

If foreigners are allowed to testify against our military men and women, I want American juries to decide the fate of those U.S. troops.

Call your local media. Call your federal legislators. Raise hell and don't stop. Put an end to the CINC's congressionally approved power of attainder and demand U.S. juries give permission before any American serviceman is thrown into a military prison.

Here endth the lesson.


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