Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Corey Clagett update: Local soldier gets deal

Still, Clagett's supporters continue to believe in his innocence and a theory that military officials are protecting higher-ranking officers.

JAG Hunter here: News flash for correspondent Mostafavi: In this country, the United States of America, and under our Constitution, people ARE INNOCENT until a jury pronounces guilt. Now consider that juries are absent from the courts-martial discipline scheme of punishment.

Count me among Pfc. Clagett's supporters. He's innocent. Information come to my attention accuses Pfc. Clagett's defense team with complicity in the wrongful punishment of an innocent man. I have reason to believe Army officials are tampering with evidence, and perpetrating a fraud on a military hearing, perpetrating a fraud on America.

Innocent men who take deals to save themselves are cowards. People who support innocent men who take deals are cowards, supporting cowards.

Cowardice and fear are overcome by courage. Sadly, stupidity diminishes courage, reinforcing cowardice and fear.

I can't disabuse those stuck on stupid regarding the wrongness of admitting guilt where there's no crime.

Command racketeers and military politicians who do this to our men and their families are monsters, and themselves define a special species of cowards.

America in decline.

In fairness to Pfc. Clagett, he's being kept in the dark, being set-up for a fall. Still, he's innocent. Courage is what's required here no matter. Truth will out.

Here's a Free Republic challenge: I'm thinking correspondent Mostafavi, "higher education" reporter for the Flint Journal, needs a civics lesson. Ms. Mostafavi's phone number: 1.810.766.6210. Email Ms. Mostafavi's:
Beata Mostfavi


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