Tuesday, December 26, 2006

CAAFlog: JAG Central moves to new address

JAG Central, a military justice blog that was around long before CAAFlog was born, has moved to a new address. Its contributors are deliberating over whether to continue with the blog. You can weigh in here.

JAG Hunter here: Citizens Against Military Injustice (CAMI) was co-founded by three folks (The JAG Hunter one of those) many years ago. CAMI became the launch platform for The JAG Hunter and JAGMIRE, and we're closely affiliated today.

Also see "An Army Lawyer" site along with the "Able Danger Blog."

Military Corruption.com reports on related issues. Check MCC out and decide for yourselves regarding how to describe the site.

In the past year there's begun A JAG in Afghanistan.

And I think that covers the blog inventory. There are other sites out there that I think too static to be brought under the "blogosphere" canopy.

For the folks at CAAFlog (Messrs. Grover, Fulton, "No Man," Sullivan, and Gansevoort, thanks for your notice of The JAG Hunter and JAGMIRE.

Question for Mr. Gansevort: A pseudonym? If your real name, any connection to Warship Somers of "Somers Mutiny" infamy and one of its officers, Navy Lt. Guert Gansevort? Also, can you provide a written pronunciation guide? I've never heard this name spoken.


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At Wed Dec 27, 07:24:00 AM EST, Blogger Guert Gansevoort said...

I am Guert Gansevoort. While I appreciate your interest in my involvement in the unfortunate Sommers incident, I prefer not to discuss the events of November and December 1842. I was subjected to enough questions about the mutiny during the Court of Inquiry in New York. But, if you remain interested in the affair, I understand my cousin Herman is writing a novella on the subject. Please accept my apologies.

At Wed Dec 27, 07:56:00 AM EST, Blogger Guert Gansevoort said...

I am Guert Gansevoort. While I appreciate your interest in the events of November and December 1842, all that I have to say of the events aboard the Somers I have told the Court of Inquiry in New York. It is not my intention to be rude but I am harassed daily by reporters from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and the New York Daily Press. If you remain interested in the affair, I understand my cousin Herman is writing a book losely based on the subject.

At Wed Dec 27, 02:44:00 PM EST, Blogger The JAG Hunter said...

Ah, Lieutenant,

I did not expect to make your personal acquaintance. Aware now of your true identity, I find no harm in asking, again, that you share the proper pronunciation of your unique and interesting surname.

Certainly no harm is intended.

Thank you for your gentle suggestion. I'm keenly familiar those harrowing tales described in "White Jacket" as those regarding the cargo transfer from RIGHTS to BELLIPONTE your first cousin so eloquently uses as the metaphorical vehicle to describe those "unfortunate" events you suffered aboard the Brig-of-War Somers (one "m").

I'm as familiar with the writings of your cousin's contemporaries. There's Richard, both lawyer and mariner of long nautical background, who aggressively defended you and your captain, Alexander. This while James, once a midshipman himself, as ferociously attacked you and your captain for executing "one of the most discreditable events that ever occurred in the service..." [exhibiting] what James described as "a demoralized quarterdeck."

Then all the talk about inaugurating a "naval school."

Fair winds and following seas to your shipmates...

"And good-bye to you too, old Rights-of-Man,"
Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
United States Navy, Retired -- Surface Warfare
United States Naval Academy 1975
The JAG Hunter


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