Friday, October 20, 2006

Tougher stance on crimes of US troops? |

There's nothing improper in that, [Attorney Eugene Fidell] adds. "The military justice system ... recognizes the rights of victims in the administration of justice," he says. "Nor is there anything illicit in acknowledging that the Iraqi population has an interest in seeing justice done."

JAG Hunter here: Counselor Eugene Fidell heads up an outfit called the National Institute of Military Justice (NIMJ) linked in the sidebar. I find his comments baffling as he suggests serviceman's "rights" are recongized in the courts-martial system.

Counselor Fidell is flatly, demonstrably wrong. Fidell is but one reason The JAG Hunter is around.

Knowing what I do about how this process really works, I have to question his thinking. And dropping the NIMJ link is under serious consideration. Stay tuned.

Here endth the lesson.


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