Sunday, October 1, 2006

Extortion, false ransom do we know?

My Way News - Man Admits Extortion in Iraq Kidnapping

Editors, with the help of the FBI, exchanged e-mails and phone calls with Kamara, who tried to get the newspaper to wire him money and repeatedly said Carroll was about to be executed.

JAG Hunter here: There's a payday for Iraqis in the event of an accidental or wrongful death of family members resulting from American operations. If grandpa Ahmed gets hit and killed by a Humvee at an intersection, the famliy stands to collect $2,500 cash money U.S. currency. It's the same if, during a firefight, U.S. forces accidently take out brother Abdul who's hit by a round and winds up dead simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Just as insurance gold-diggers in the states (the local Seattle story regarding fomer KIRO (AM710) radio talk-show host Mike Webb comes to mind), there's a criminal incentive for Iraqis to file false claims.

It's precisely that question gone unanswered whether, in the case of the Pendleton 8, allegations made against our men are the working of an extortion racket serving two purposes at once; (1) To tarnish America's image in-country, and (2) To benefit from a bogus ransom demand.

Unfortunately, Marine Corps officials have barred defense attorneys from advancing this question on behalf of the Camp Pendleton 8...defense teams are denied access to the family of the dead Iraqi man.

Just exactly what the heck is goin' on here?


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