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Sergeant said to be ready to rebut Bacos testimony North County Times

"If the chances of spending the rest of your life in prison are on the line, you will say whatever it takes to be able to go home," Brannon said in reference to what Bacos could have faced.

JAG Hunter here: Annual attainder rates have reached 100% in the Coast Guard. For the remaining military establishment departments attainder rates regularly reach 97% - 98%. Attorneys for those accused know that in the military discipline system, command racketeers do not need a crime, do not need physical evidence, do not need testimonial evidence from a witness -- indeed do not need witnesses -- and do not need accusers with standing to be able to punish a serviceman by incarceration in a military prison.

In the case of HM3 Bacos, for instance, there were none of these components present in the hearing room last Friday whereupon command racketeers were able to punish Petty Officer Bacos, and by extension his family, with a year in the Brig and more.

Hospitalman Bacos was forced to testify against himself under extraordinary duress visited upon him by Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigators under the lead of Special Agent James Connolly, and the direction and supervision of Executive Assistant Director for Criminal Investigations, Ernest A. Simon. It's the type of crime Connolly and Simon are reported committing before (see the sidebar category named Command racketeers / Outlaws).

More: Defense attorneys are prohibited, so far, from conducting their own inquiry into the events under examination. Defense counsels are barred from questioning members of the dead Iraqi's family, or any other person who might be able to shed light in a place that's so very dark.

Military governors like Marine Lt. Gen. Mattis--fully aware they are able to control every shred of evidence--have effectively foreclosed any attempt these men wish to make in their own defense. Command racketeers, with that control and knowledge, are throwing deals on the table to see who'll reach for what, then using each man against the next.

This efficient military process neatly eliminates pesky inconveniences such as evidence, witnesses, and confronting accusers.

So someone please explain to me this: What the heck are we fighting for in places like Iraq or Afghanistan or anyplace else if this is how America treats its own armed forces?


I don't believe Petty Officer Bacos for the reasons I narrate above. I'll be writing more about this in coming days.

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