Monday, October 16, 2006


Marine squad leader appears in U.S. military court in Iraqi death case - iht,america,US Marines Iraq Shooting - International Herald Tribune

During previous proceedings, prosecutors said much of the information comes from statements given by the seven Marines and a Navy corpsman assigned to the squad.

JAG Hunter here: Where is the accuser? Who are the accusers? Doncha think we ought to know who the accusers are by now? Do you wonder, maybe, that the accusers should have been present in the hearing room during HM3 Bacos' general court-martial? You know, to give testimony. To be present so as to be confronted?

It is possible to consider that the only information we're getting is being beaten out of the Marines who're cloistered. Out of sight of the public arena.

Can you imagine what details of these proceedings might emerge should the gag order, put in place by Marine Corps brass, be lifted?

Pay attention people.

I'll add to this in an essay to be published this week.

Here endth the lesson.


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