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In case you missed it...

The 50th Anniversary of the Case of Milo Radulovich, Victim of McCarthyism

The little picture had shown the big picture of a nation ignoring individual liberties...

JAG Hunter here: Who are the people who accuse the Marines being sequestered at Camp Pendleton?

Where are those people? What connection or relationship do they have to the dead man? Are they connected in any way to the dead man? How do we know? What do the accusers say happened? How am I to know the accusers? Are they credible? What do the accusers look like, what do they sound like. How am I to know them? How old are they? How tall? Where are they pictured? Do they suffer any infirmities? Can they see? Hear? Speak audibly (cause so far...I haven't heard a word from them). What are their backgrounds? Education if any? How many accuses are there, and how do they know what they report about the conduct of Marines last April? How do we know the accusers are not lying? Did the accusers all see the same thing? Are their facts reasonably consistent and reliable? Where were the accusers when this event took place? Nearby? 10 feet? 100 feet? 1,000 feet? Do any of the accusers wear glasses? What time of day did this occur? What was the weather like? Visibility? Were the accusers under fire at the time, or before? If so, who was shooting at them? And why? Were the Marines under fire, or had they been? Do we know who was shooting at the Marines if they'd been engaged. Were their accusers shooting at them, at any time? What do the accusers have to gain by seeing the Marines off to a military gulag?

Have special agents from the NCIS interrogated any of the accusers in the same fashion they've interrogated our Marines? Or at all? Doncha know those agents operate without boundaries and can do anything they choose. Especially in a foreign country, with nobody watching. Have NCIS agents been able to take money away from the families of the accusers, as money has been taken away from our troops and their families. Have any of the accusers been tosseed in a Camp Pendleton cave and told they're not comin' out until the right words are spoken? And maybe not even then.

What do we know by way of answer to any of these questions from what's been disclosed by the accusers in a hearing room? Under oath? What of anything the accusers say has been said under oath? And by the way...an oath to who? Or what? In obedience to whose standard of law? Their understanding of law? What punishment or consequence do the accusers account if they are lying? And how do we know they are telling the truth?

MORE TO THE POINT: What have we learned from what defense attorneys have been able to freely discover? From answers to questions defense teams have been able to press against the accusers in the hearing room? IN PUBLIC!

And who out there is asking these questions?

Why can't we ask these questions? Why are Marine Corps officers obstructing those who are trying to ask these questions?

You wanna support the troops. Start asking questions and demanding credible answers delivered in public! Ask questions relentlessly, insistently, every day, every hour, every minute of every hour. Never stop. And demand public response!

That's how you support the troops!

Here endth the lesson. The JAG Hunter 2006©


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