Thursday, October 19, 2006

ARMY -- SAMARRA (9 May 2006)

Four more soldiers face courts-martial for murder making it 15 the total number of servicemen who face murder related charges, while a 16th is already punished by a GCM.

The Monroe County Advocate -- Soldier will not face death penalty By Tommy Millsaps

During an Article 32 hearing in August, the military equivalent of a grand jury hearing, a military investigator had recommended the death penalty if the four men were found guilty.

JAG Hunter here: Article 32 hearings, under America's Articles of War, are unexampled in the civilian criminal system. AW 32 hearings are not a grand juries, nor do they act like a grand juries. Laconically, there're not juries at all.

Correcting one reporter at a time.

Here endth the lesson.


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