Friday, September 22, 2006

Prescott Herald -- Interrogations deal grants [Commander in chief] Bush leeway

"'You always run into the potential ... that we‘re going to go back to secret prisons and bad things will happen,' said John Hutson, a former Navy judge advocate general. 'And there‘s really not a way in legislation to make sure that doesn‘t happen.'"

JAG Hunter here: Former Navy TJAG John Hutson is profiled as a "command racketeer" over to the right of these postings...just scroll down a bit. Hutson, with his then deputy and eventual successor, Navy TJAG Don Guter, worked furiously to keep the lid on a 1990 court-martial that was rigged from stem to stern by one of their admiral buddies, RADM John Bitoff. That Hutson and Guter are speaking out publicly regarding the fair treatment of enemy combatants, knowing all along the fix is in for any military disciplinary hearing, is emetic. Make no mistake, Hutson and Guter are criminals. Pay no attention to them.


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