Friday, August 6, 2004

E-mail from Maj. Harry Schmidt's parents...

Please consider passing and posting, lets see if the P-D prints it. Thanks Harry and Joan

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, please print our thank you in the letters to the editor)

We want to thank the Post-Dispatch staff for meeting with us Wed. and discussing our concerns about a news article, "Pilots loses appeal in fatal friendly fire," by Harry Levins.
The Post-Dispatch addressed our concerns, researched further, received a fax from Mr. Gittins with four sworn declarations from Maj. Harry Schmidt, Mr. Charles Gittins, Lt. Col. Clayton Moushon (AF) and Maj. James E. Key III.(AF) Their sworn declarations attested to the salute and proper courtesies.

Again, thank you Post-Dispatch for clearing this up for your readers with your article, "Officer disputes that he refused to salute" by Harry Levins, Aug 06.

Harry and Joan Schmidt, proud parents of Maj. Schmidt


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