Tuesday, June 8, 2004

JAG Hunter here: One JAG told this writer, anecdotally, that 30% of the Army's courts-martial find their resolutions in "waived" Art. 32s. Interesting to know what that number looks like for Marines. Then this, in military law, for those paying any attention, the conduct of an Art. 32 hearing is a command from Congress to convening authorities. The accused doesn't have any more power to "waive" a 32 hearing than a civilian has to "waive" a grand jury. Think about it!!

Pfc. Sting given 30 minutes to decide...

Marine says he will appeal conviction for prisoner abuse

By Jennifer Feehan
Toledo Blade Staff Writer
"...when [Pfc. Sting] was appointed a defense attorney from the Judge Advocate General Corps, his counsel urged him to waive his right to an Article 32 hearing - similar to a grand jury proceeding in civilian courts - and sign a plea bargain agreeing to a year in prison and a bad-conduct discharge."


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