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JAG Hunter bullet: What happened to Army Corporal Gary Shafto?

Gary Shafto died in his cell under dark and suspicious circumstances at Fort Leavenworth on 14 March 2002. Shafto was the subject of intense and focused attention by military police guards. We would not know anything of this military custodial death had it not been for Gary's wife, Sharon.
Sharon shared these thoughts two years ago:

I appologize for not keeping this sight up to date...It's been a long time. It breaks my heart and soul to have to update with the following news:
On 3/14/2002 My Husband, Corporal Gary L. Shafto, was found dead in his cell in Ft Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks. I do not have the energy or heart to go into's been 2 1/2 months, and still have a very hard time writing about it. I receive regular emails from people after they have been exposed to and read this sight. I'm still receiving emails saying things to the effect of proving his innocence and bringing him home. People have been reading this sight thinking he is still alive. It breaks my heart everytime I get an encouraging email to continue fighting and bring him home. Well, I have brought him home, but not the way it was supposed be. It should have been a big welcome home party with friends and family, with balloons, streamers and welcome home signs. Instead he was brought home covered by the United States Flag, with a 21 gun salute and TAPS playing in the background. I have no more case to fight...three weeks after his death, I received notification from the Army Court of Appeals stating that the motion to drop all the charges and dismiss the case was granted. Alot that does now that my soulmate is dead...even more so, dead at the hands of the military, the USDB, and their guards. Please keep on eye on this sight...I promise you, there will be LOTS more to write and inform you of. Trust me on this... the fight is FAR from over!"

Far from over indeed! Events surrounding Gary's death have been closely guarded as national secrets. In light of unfolding reports of prisoner abuse at the hands of Army MPs, the custodial death of Cpl. Shafto must be carefully and publicly examined.

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