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Now Captain Greenlaw's report -


I received a phone call from Pvt.
Hutchins in Fort Leavenworth &
also from his parents. Larry had
been released after a few days
in the medical dispensary. Evidently,
he was beaten from behind, quite
severely. He said his ear was almost
torn off.

He was visited this a.m. by Commandant Colonel Gray, who is in charge of the Disciplinary Barracks. Obviously, some- one got through to the Colonel, about the seriousness of this attack, on Pvt Hutchins.

The Colonel checked on Hutchins well-being and assured him, this would in no way, be detrimental to him at his next parole hearing to be held at Leavenworth, sometime this month.
(I would hope not).

That report will be forwarded to the Clemency & Parole Board in Washington, D.C. and will be considered at their next meeting.

Hopefully, prior to year-end. Pvt Hutchins figures, if he is granted a parole, the earliest he would be
released would be Jan 2010. He has guaranteed employment awaiting him should he be released, which is a big plus factor, with the parole board.

Thanks to all of you who became a part of our latest battle on behalf of Pvt Hutchins and our continuing battle on behalf of all members of the Pendleton 8, LtCol Chessani & SSgt Wulhrich.

All were very bad calls on the part of our gov'tand the Marine Corps, for allowing themselves to get involved, in this low-life charade.

Semper fi,
Don Greenlaw

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