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What was the Rally and Meeting in Washington DC about? The quick response is big government spending, healthcare, constitutional authority, the appointments of unconstitutional czars, cap and trade bill issues, and a whole host of other concerns that patriotic U.S. citizens have. The point is there were many reasons for people to show up at this event.

Personally, I believe the “birther” issue, whether or not Obama/Soetoro is eligible to even be in this country, much less be eligible to be on the democratic ballot to be elected President of the U.S., is a much more important question. If this question is HONESTLY answered, I believe there will be a whole host of problems that will simply become null and void due to the fact that everything this enemy has done will be automatically reversed.

While I am on the subject of enemies, let me ask one very important question. Did everyone see the snipers on top of the Capitol Building Saturday? I, as well as other patriots, noticed them, there were at least 6 that were easily recognized, and to tell the truth, it made me more than a little uncomfortable.

When did we become “enemies of the state”? Since when does our government need to monitor us with deadly force? We have millions of illegal immigrants, and since 9-11 has exposed, more than a few terrorists that are illegally in this country, yet our government chooses to point guns at the crowds of people peacefully gathering to use our constitutional right and patriotic duty to address our government with our concerns and grievances.

Does this bother anyone else?

Back to the important question, why were we there?

It is my humble opinion that if our government even bothered to listen, we could have and should have made a huge impact on the decisions that are being made as well as the path that our elected officials have taken.

The fact of the matter is, most every senator and representative, as well as the usurper-in-chief, were out of town. I personally told Arkansas Representative Marion Berry, Senator Blanche Lincoln, and one of Senator Mark Pryor’s staff members that they should be watching on Saturday. I was not surprised to learn that none of them were even in town.

On the Thursday before the Saturday rally, I was in a group that was scheduled to meet with Representative Berry, Senator Pryor, and Senator Lincoln.

The meeting with Representative Berry was, to say the least, disappointing. It was absolutely insulting to each and every constituent that is in this congressional district. As he reared back and explained that he had been there since the Clinton administration, with an attitude of arrogance that is equaled only by his obvious disdain for the group that was talking to him, I was reminded of the fact that we needed a photographer to take a picture of the quintessential “Washington DC Fat cat”.

I am positive that anyone else with the “privilege” of addressing the less-than-honorable Marion Berry would have been as insulted as I was by his complete lack of concern and his inept attempts of explaining his superior position, as well as his ability to foresee the future.

His psychic ability was explained by the “fact” that he knew that in the not-too-distant future, no one would be able to afford healthcare if the U.S. government did not step in to save us.

We all left with a feeling of disappointment due to the fact that Mr. Berry had just explained to us that we were not even smart enough to live our own lives without the federal government taking care of us.

Imagine our shock to realize that everything we have been taught about self-reliance, the ability to forge our own destiny, and the freedom to make our own choices was nothing more than a fairy tale.

After the short walk to Senator Mark Pryor’s office, we were not surprised when we were told that Senator Pryor had been called to the White House. After all, what kind of king would allow his court jesters to be confronted by anyone, much less the people that were silly enough to expect an honest day’s work for a bloated day’s wage, especially since we were the very people that elected these people?

After talking for almost an hour with one of Senator Pryor’s staff, we made the short trip up one flight of stairs to Senator Lincoln’s office only to be told that Senator Lincoln was going to be late for our meeting. We waited until Senator Lincoln returned from her trip back down Pennsylvania Avenue from the castle formerly known as the White House. By the time Senator Lincoln had concluded her rendition of the DC shuffle, we were once again in shock.

I can honestly say that Thursday afternoon was one of the most awesome displays of sidestepping issues, ignoring the facts, fake concern, and outright contempt for the voters that elected these “leaders” that has ever been orchestrated.

In my opinion, these three “leaders” deserve a promotion from the king, our royal “messiah”, the delusional Mr. Obama/Soetoro, or whatever he wants to call himself today. Or better yet, maybe those silly old constituents can arrange a retirement party for them.

It is my opinion that the sooner we arrange for their departure from our government, the sooner we can begin the arduous task of restoring our constitutional republic to the original intent and mutual benefit to all hard-working legal U.S. citizens.

In conclusion, I would like to expound on my reason for being in Washington DC for the Patriotic March and the few days leading up to that historic event.

I was taught that government was by the people, for the people, and the elected representatives were responsible to uphold our constitution and the constituents that elected them.

I have spent the last several months discovering that most everything I was taught is no longer accurate. I, like so many other disillusioned patriots, have become aware that our constitutional republic is under attack by a socialistic type movement that can only be compared to the Nazi movement of the 1930s perpetrated by one of the most notoriously evil men that ever lived.

If you do not think this to be an accurate description of events happening today, simply read about the decade leading up to World War II.

There are two things that I ask you not to do.

Please do not just take my word for it, do your own research, come to your own conclusion.

Second, but more important, do not simply disregard my opinions with the assumption that I am just a “right-wing conspiracy nut”.

I do understand how bizarre this sounds to the average U.S. citizen, but does the fact that something may sound too bizarre to be real making it any less real? Remember the old adage, “Truth is stranger than fiction”.

Copyright © 2009 The JAG HUNTER

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Copyright © 2009 The JAG HUNTER

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At Tue Sep 15, 11:28:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a thought, though I have absolutely no knowledge of it, but aren't the snipers suppose to be on the top of the capital or white house at all times? If not, forgive my ignorance.

As for the rest of the arrogance displayed by the other officials, this is nothing new since Obama/Soetoro. I'm still reeling from the 'censure' that Rep. Joe Wilson received for calling a spade a spade (no racial pun intended). He was right....Obama was absolutely telling lies, but we all know that nobody embarrasses Obama and gets away with it.

Don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to call "Do Overs!!!!!" now. Obama isn't just hurting us, his decisions are affecting others around the world. He's a toxic waste and I just want it all to go away before our precious country is destroyed forever. :-(


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