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I spent the afternoon on the phone attempting to advance the federal criminal complaint.

This began yesterday in calls to the Federal District Court for D.C. I spoke with one of Judge Lamberth's law clerks named Matt. Today I spoke with another law clerk named Elliott. Both men are attorneys.

I explained to Elliott that Judge Lamberth is burdened with a duty to report the federal criminal complaint to duly sworn federal law enforcement officers. Elliott's response was that his Judge could do nothing. Law enforcement falls under Article II of the Constitution, not Article III.

Elliott told me federal judges are prohibited from advancing criminal complaints. That law enforcement function is the duty of federal prosecutors.

I detailed the federal criminal complaint, its origin, and its history going into specific detail regarding the involvement of U.S. Attorney James Russell Dedrick. Elliott was at a loss.

I asked Elliott for the name of any U.S. Attorney who would advance the criminal complaint.

Elliott named U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips for the D.C. District.

I called there: 202.514.2766. And I called throughout the afternoon. I spoke primarily and frequently with Ms. Shelia Miller, Channing's executive assistant.

After the first series of phone call exchanges, Miller deflected me to U.S. Attorney Keith Morgan. Morgan is Deputy Chief of the Civil Division. I challenged Ms. Millier reminding her that my complaint was criminal, not civil. She insisted Counselor Morgan was the lead attorney regarding all things related to my federal criminal complaint naming Obama in the commission of the crime of Treason.

I called U.S. Attorney Keith Morgan: 202.514.7228.

Morgan was brusqe, arrogant, and disinterested. Ms. Millier was misinformed. Morgan is not engaged with the criminal complaint. Morgan told me to put my complaint in writing. Then he hung up.

Back to Shelia Miller. She attempted to put me off until tomorrow morning. My retort was that she put me through to U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips.

Miller left the call putting me on hold. She returned after a few moments to report Channing Phillips refuesed to take my call. Phillips instructed Miller to tell me to put the criminal complaint in writing.

I asked Ms. Miller for an email address, then hung up as the call was completed, then sent the separate email you all saw earlier this afternoon.

No one would confirm receipt when I called back to Ms. Miller after sending the email. Ms. Miller would not come back to the phone.

There's a fair amount of back and forth dialogue I'm leaving out inasmuch as it adds little.

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At Wed Jul 08, 10:33:00 PM EDT, Blogger Noway2no said...

So this is how the few that knew what was coming and were willing to act must have felt in the prelude to WWII.


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