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A phone call came to this home just days after my arrival on 11 June 2009. Joesph took the call. The caller asked for "Walter Fitzpatrick," representing himself to be with a company with "Allied" in its title.

Joe unsuccessfully pressed the caller for identification. Joe dialed toned the guy.

At the time there were only a few people who knew I was here. Of that small group, fewer still know the phone number used to call in mid-June.

I have no connections to any company with the word "Allied" in it's title.

The call remained mysterious until this past Thursday, 16 July.

Joe and I happened to engage in an over the backyard fence neighborly conversation with the man who lives next door--a retired federal employee. Secret Service Agent Christopher Blake's phone call here came up in our three-way discussion.

Blake called here last Monday, 13 July.

The neighbor went inside.

I was still outside when the neighbor came back out--maybe thirty minutes later--and called to me.

The neighbor told me he'd been discomfited by a metallic gun smoke silver sedan that pulled up in front of here maybe two to three weeks ago. A man and woman exited the vehicle and loitered for half an hour or so. It's not known how thoroughly they surveilled the property before leaving.

This is a very quiet and close community. We're situated on a dead-end street. Unknown vehicles are noticed. Out of the ordinary occurrences are noticed.

The mysterious car and occupants nagged the neighbor's thoughts until learning about our contact with the Secret Service.

So, Joe and I called Maryland's Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins to report the Secret Service for their criminal tracking of a law-abiding citizens. (Note: Camp David is in Maryland's Frederick County)

Patrol Sergeant Dina Blundell responded at about 1400 hours on Thursday (16 July). The March 19 first contact, the stranger's mysterious phone from "Allied," the strangers in the strange silver sedan canvassing this area, and Chris Blake's call here: FOUR DISCRETE SECRET SERVICE EPISODES!

I'm being tracked. Now I and my brother are being harassed.

WHY? Because I filed a federal criminal complaint naming OBAMA/SOETORO in commission of the crime of

Sheriff Jenkins has promised to get back to me regarding any response from Maryland state or county prosecutors (
criminal complaint #: 2009-171307). Sheriff Jenkins' phone #: 301.600.1046 (patrol). Sgt. Dina Blundell's phone #: 301.600.3683.

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Copyright © 2009 The JAG HUNTER

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