Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marine Private Joshua D. Fry was diagnosed with autism at age 8

Case stirs military recruiting questions

In a 35-page brief, Studenka said that a Marine took advantage of Fry to meet his recruitment quotas and that other Marine officials failed to intervene later on. Studenka also alleged that the recruiter knew about Fry's history of mental disability, which included a 15-month stay at a lockdown treatment center in Denver.

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At Mon Jul 06, 06:38:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Donald Lewin Nelson said...

President Barack Obama and Secretary of the Navy should immediately order the discharge of high functioning autistic Joshua Fry and should demand the resignation of General James T. Conway, the Commandant of the Corps, who is unfit to be commandant of the corps.

As the parent of an Asperger Syndrome (high functioning autistic) son, I would never give him a weapon.

Is the Corp made up of idiots?


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