Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The unannounced and unsolicited Secret Service deployment of Special Agents Finn Ahlberg and Tim Gray to Carl Swenssen's place of business yesterday afternoon was witnessed.

Gray and Ahlberg sit in the Atlanta, Georgia Secret Service office (Department of Homeland Security).

Ahlberg is described as 6 ft. tall, dark hair, a young Charles Bronson look alike.

Special Agent Ahlberg took Carl's picture.

Today Special Agent Gray announced in a telephone conversation that the Secret Service was conducting a background check on Carl to determine Carl's threat level to the impostor Obama.

Note well: Carl is enduring a more aggressive and intensive background examination than that experienced by Mr. Obama.

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Copyright © 2009 The JAG HUNTER

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At Wed May 27, 02:11:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is despicable and these agents have got to realize that if Carl Swenson is investigated, how much moreso shold Obama be? What is wrong with this picture? I wonder what the agents think when they are obeying orders like this. They have to be embaressed in their blind allegiance to such an unconstitutional invasion. We will prevail, we will have our day in court, and this illegitimate Son Of a Britian (SOB) will be escorted out of the White House and into the Big House to await trial, and hopefully, he will recieve punishment to the fullest extent of the law. We have to make an example out of him. I can't help but think of teh sign I have on my property, NO TRESPASSING, SURVIVORS WILL BE PROSECUTED seems fitting in this situation!

At Wed May 27, 08:21:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In their stating that "Natural Born is a grey area", they are admitting that they are aware of the fact that Obama is ineligible to hold the office of President. In doing that, they are guilty of a felony.


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