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Two Secret Service special agents came to my residence two months ago, on 19 March 2009, as directed by James Russel Dedrick, United States Attorney for the Eastern District, Tennessee. Dedrick and his assistant, attorney Edgar Schmutzer, triggered the Secret Service alert and reaction upon receipt of my federal criminal complaint naming Mr. Obama in commission of the crime of TREASON. Dedrick reported me a threat to the imposter Obama.

The two Secret Service agents, escorted by two local police officers, arrived at eight minutes before 3 o'clock in the afternoon. They all left 'bout an hour later.

I'm still here.

It's been two months.

Mr. Obama admits his TREASON.

Today, at 12:40 p.m, Justice Department officials visited this website as captured and recorded in the posting beneath. Their search took them directly to
this page and its comments.

The search words used: "WHO CAN BRING CRIMINAL COMPLAINT?"

I'm able to report to you that federal government officials of all descriptions, and especially those at Mr. Holder's Justice Department, are working furiously to make the federal criminal complaint naming Mr. Obama disappear.

I opine one tactic is to quash complaints quietly and without further notice by disqualifying people attempting to remove Mr. Obama from office by force of law.

What more do you need to see or hear?

Our Constitution no longer works. Our government, however contemporaneously described, has turned against its people.

Our response must be to force law enforcement officials to do their jobs. It's that simple.


The time for action is upon us.


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At Wed May 20, 03:52:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By now, if you have read your e-mail, you know what I did.;-)

At Sun Jun 14, 11:18:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Jules Gilbert said...

Mr. Obama applied for financial aid as a foreign student upon his application for admission to Occidental college. This request for funds was granted.

He subsequently transferred to Columbia and repeated his request for financial aid, again claiming that he was a foreign student. (And again, this request was granted.)

Only when he applied for admission to the U. of Chicago did he claim to be an American citizen.

Did he fast-track his citizenship papers? No, but even if he had, he still needs to be a natural born US citizen.

The laws governing the situation, based on his Mother's status are difficult to analyze, but later (after leaving Kenya, here BO was born,) his Mother married a man who took her to Indonesia, at a time when it was illegal for US citizens to enter Indonesia, both under US and Indonesian law. None the less, once there, in order to enroll Barry Sotoro in school, she filed paper work declaring that her son was a Muslim and that she intended to raise him as such. In this same document she also declares that her son is a citizen of Indonesia (which was all she had to do to cause him to become an Indonesian citizen.)

This sounds strange i know, but the current holder of the office of President of the US is not only an imposter, he's also an illegal alien -- he's a citizen of Indonesia.

I believe America is in a great deal of trouble. And not with the Democrats, not with the Russians, not with the Chinese, but with the God of the Bible.

We've dropped our affiliation with God, we're no longer a Christian nation and we're seeing the result, God is letting us have what we deserve.

If you want our country back, make homosexual activity illegal, make abortion illegal, and protect our children from abuse.

God tells us that he measures a country not by it's wealth or it's military power, but by how we treat the less fortunate, the women, the children, and the visitor to our nation.

Right now, both Obama and Clinton are warts, troubling but easy to deal with. However, unless this nation repents, unless we turn back to God, we are going to see this impostor stay in office and bow before more Arab potentates.

The good news is that God promised to heal our land if we repent. How? By following Christ.

At Sun Jun 21, 10:17:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, great post here brother,
I'm sure you already have this, but thought I would give you mine as well.


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