Thursday, May 14, 2009


To Mr. Mike Mandeville: BRAVO ZULU (Navyeze for WELL DONE!). My sharp salute to you sir!
Rhode Island Massachussettes Connecticut are on the map regarding the Grand Jury. I, Michael Mandeville, presented to our jury as witnessed by state government representatives the evidence in the case now under inspection. I also assisted folks from Massachusetts and Connecticut explaining to them how to form a Grand Jury. I'm meeting with them tomorrow night to get 'em rolling. RI is now in session and on the court calendar.
I filed a motion with the clerk of Providence plantation to be sworn again under oath. My motion was done to erase doubt, avoid loop holes, and make the filing public.
Now I'm going kick butt! Walter Fitzpatrick , if your here and see this! I will fight to the end and make your statement unavoidable so help me God! Grand Jury Foreman of Rhode Island, Mike Mandeville of knmfarms Serving under col. Harry Rilley for his and all our fight! GOD BLESS US ALL!
Boots on the ground!

Fair winds, following seas!


  1. Time of visit: Thursday, 14 May 2009 - 1736 hours local (EDT)
  • U. S House of Representatives -- Washington D.C.
  1. Visit length: 27 minutes 7 seconds
  2. Time of visit: Thursday, 14 May 2009 - 1456 hours local (EDT)

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