Saturday, May 9, 2009


A salute returned! My deep appreciation and gratitude to The Mad Jewess for her generous words.

I'm mad too.

It's okay to be mad.

It's time to be mad.

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At Sat May 30, 08:37:00 PM EDT, Blogger ANGRY FOR GOD said...

Hi Sir :)

Whats been happening?? Anything? I WISH the suckers would come to MY door, I have MY B.C. all ready..

Everyday is a nitemare, isnt it?? I wish I had a direction. I wish God would give me an answer as to what to do. All I know is that I am here, and if God says: GO! I go.
The Chairman has been invited to DC on 9/13, I had it arranged, he is a powerful speaker. I went to a Tea Party, but why cant these people see that it is a WAY OF LIFE that is being destroyed?? Not just Taxes, and they should have your LETTER with them :(

Anyway, you ARE in my prayers.

I also want to let you all know at the Oath Keepers that there are weirdos that want to creep in, and they are dishonorable. See this:

Cant crazed people SEE that we CANNOT get united with this type mentality??
Leftists and the GOP traitors managed to unite to divide us, WHY cant people GET IT TOGETHER??
This type American on the Blog above needs to get with the program or join the left. They LOVE Ahmadinejad. What is UP with that??????
Well, anyway, I thought this may be of interest, maybe groups like this will GET A CLUE. Like NOW. I was very rude to them, but they hate me b/c I am a Jew :) So, I was nasty- but you should all be aware of this type people- IF you have to, I dont know.

I hope that you are blessed and God will protect you and yours.
All the best, and If you need me, just let me know ASAP.
The Mad Jewess

At Sun May 31, 07:51:00 AM EDT, Blogger ANGRY FOR GOD said...

See this, Sir:
Barack Obama and Raila Odinga


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