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Dan Marino issued a threat Tuesday.

Marino communicated the threat through Marino's hostage, Ray Girouard.

Marino's threat was extended in agency with his colleague Tillman Finley, and on behalf of their law firm, Sutherland, Asbill, and Brennan.

Marino's extortion is this: IF Marino's name, or Ray's name, or Finley's name, or a few other names appear on these JAG HUNTER pages ever again, or IF Ray's case is ever profiled here again, Marino, Finley, and their Sutherland firm will cease all representation on Ray's behalf.

Marino and the rest will leave Ray hangin'.


One must wonder whether Marino and Sutherland have communicated similar threats against Seymour Hersh at The New Yorker, or Tom Ricks of The Washington Post, or to the producers and reporters at CBS 60-minutes attempting to suppress their expression of free speech.

Marino told Ray on Tuesday that one-half million dollars is already expended on Ray's case.

So many questions rise up.

Before Marino flew to Fort Leavenworth to meet with Ray on Tuesday, Marino called here Monday at 9:29 EST.

Marino was adamant regarding Ray's guilt. Ray confessed so far as Marino and Sutherland are concerned, that's that.

Marino and company are also down with the practice of attainder.

Meanwhile, there's been a flurry of secret meetings, negotiations and quiet agreements going to Ray's release burdening Ray with the weight of a federal conviction for life.

Then there're the press deals.

Marino wire-brushed Ray on Tuesday for announcing a reporter from The New Yorker had been in Sweetwater about a month ago.

But the irritating detail that just won't go away is that Staff Sergeant Ray Girouard is innocent. And Ray's innocence is so easily demonstrated.

First off, Ray is being punished by the State without a jury's permission (attainder). Next, discovered and reported at the JAG HUNTER just before Christmas is the riggin' of Ray's probable cause hearing, the Article 32.

Marino said Monday he finds no problem with Jim Daniel's lies at the very beginning of the Art. 32. Or with those difficult details Daniel was lying about. The Article 32 is corrupted and unsustainable. By extension, the Iron Triangle series of courts-martial are corrupted and unstainable.

Statements attributed to Ray and his men were coerced. Written statements recorded closest to the events regarding Iron Triangle remain concealed or are destroyed. Marino holds the belief Ray and his men confessed freely.

But Ray had no motive.

Evidence is necessary to prove any crime, and yet, no physical evidence is presented in the cases against Ray and his men. However, a great deal of physical evidence supporting their innocence is reported held in the custody of Army officials.

Marino is admitted during Monday's telephone conversation that he's okay having expended one-half million dollars working to ensure Ray's bogus conviction remains undisturbed.

Still, the paper trail of manufactured, misleading, and false evidence attendant to Ray's counterfeit displine hearings is publicly accesible and in plain view. Copies of relevant papers were mailed out Monday.

Then there's Marino's (Sutherland's) Tuesday threat of abandonment. Ray is kidnapped and held hostage as much by Marino as by Army General Pete Chiarelli. Both men (with uncounted cohorts) obstruct the truth through the exercise of intimidation, control, and extortion.

The terrifying part of blackmail is that the victim is afraid to fight the accusations no matter how false.

It needs be mentioned that the play-action in the Ray Girouard case is as much at work in the Marine Corps. The first card to fall in that house of cards is the manufactured case against Marine Sergeant Lawrence Hutchins (of the Camp Pendleton Eight).

Marino is expending time, energy, money and other resources (to the tune of half a million bucks) working with Army officials to handle the events surrounding Operation Iron Triangle as quitely as possible. All this goes on while Marino satifyies his own needs and interests at Ray's expense.

Marino's threat, and other ethically challenged and morally distressed activity in defense of Ray Girouard, taken together with Marino's other ethical lapses (not yet reported but widely known) render Marino severely vulnerable in a case for disbarrment. Marino's ethical misconduct stands to gravely damage the image and reputation of Sutherland, Asbill, and Brennan.

This then from Ayn Rand:

"Suffering as such is not a value; only a man's fight against suffering is. If you choose to help a man who suffers, do it only on the ground of his virtures, of his fight to recover, of his rational record, of of the fact that he suffers unjustly; then you action is trade [of value for value -- virtue for virtue] and his virtue is the payment for your help."

-Atlas Shrugged

Character counts!


John 15:13

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