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Terry and Deanna Pennington are grandparents.

Robert Pennington, their son, raped two people. First there was the teenager, impregnated and now a mother of one.

Next there was the rape of Sergeant Hutchins.

The rape of the teenage girl led to the rape of Larry Hutchins, Rob Pennington's sergeant and squad leader in Hamdania, Iraq.

Sergeant Hutchins sits today--ATTAINTED--at the United States Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent James H. Connolly, senior investigator in the Hamdania series of courts-martial (the Camp Pendleton Eight), needed and dragooned Rob Pennington's false testimony against Sgt. Hutchins to support Connolly's fabled ghost story.

Pennington's rape of the girl was handled very quietly on the civilian side. But Pennington was an active duty Marine--on leave--at the moment of conception.

Military detective Jim Connolly found out about Pennington's rape having direct access to Pennington's civilian criminal through a new military-civilian joint data base constructed as part of the Law Enforcement Information Exchange program. With the LINX info in hand, Conolly threatened Marine Pennington with a court-martial on the girl's rape should Robert be tempted to do the right thing, and truthfully testify in defense of Sergeant Hutchins.

Pennington the coward, Robert the rapist saw to it instead that Sgt. Hutchins was imprisoned as an innocent man.

Terry and Deanna retained David Brahms as civilian defense counsel.

Brahms is a retired brigadier general (one-star officer) who retired from the Marine Corps as the Judge Advocate, Marines (JAM).

David Brahms raped Sergeant Hutchins too. Brahms is as much a coward as Rob Pennington. Both men disgrace the U.S. Marine Corps. Both men are criminals.

Terry Pennington tried to contact me two weeks ago. Grandfather Pennington knows that I know what his son did.

Both the Pennington grandparents are ranging around like cockroaches in the night trying to keep the lid on the crimes of their son, the crimes of the NCIS, the crimes of Jim Connolly, and the crimes of David Brahms.

The Pennington grandparents, doncha know, paid David Brahms a lot of money to work out Connolly's ghost story that attainted Sgt. Hutchins, and imprisoned an innocent man, and ruined an innocent family.

This is the THE AMERICAN MILITARY LEGACY OF ATTAINDER absent any judicial oversight, or credible law enforcement to hold command racketeers accountable.

NCIS-like, Connolly-like coercion and evidence tampering tactics were used in the case against Army Ranger, Staff Sergeant Raymond Girouard, and Marine Corporal Kevin Holt to name just two examples. In the Staff Sergeant Girouard circumstance, Army CID goons siezed a collection of lap top computers from Girouard's men, then claimed to find child porn. Witnesses against Girouard were strong-armed to testify against SSgt. Girouard or face courts-martial on fictional child pornography charges.

Connolly and other NCIS agents used the same stunt against Sgt. Hutchins.

The porn accusations remain unproved.

NCIS agents tampered with blood evidence in Marine Kevin Holt's court-martial. Navy-Marine Corps officials repeatedly refuse to allow any modern DNA testing Holt insists will clear him.

Hutchins, Girouard, Holt, and so many others could be home by Christmas only if military officers were obedient to their oaths.

Then we could get on with the task of putting the real criminals behind bars, with a real jury's permission of course.

Here endth the lesson!

UPDATES: Monday morning, 8 December 2008

Google search using "Rob Pennington's rape" as search word (60,200 hits as of 1000 hours local)
The clemency request (use PDF's rotate page tool to upright the pages -- see last sentence, page 2)...captured from Representative Bill Delahunt's website captured this morning.


From West Point (probably wants to know the score to the Army-Navy game...34-zip! Go NAVY!!)

WHS (Washington D.C. Headquarters Services: The Pentagon

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