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JAG HUNTER HERE (posting from the Sweetwater, Tennessee Library) with Tim "Flightline" Harrington (contributing from his Massachusetts home):

George Carlin on America's Constitution: "They keep talking
about drafting a constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of real smart guys. It's worked for over 200 years, and we're not using it anymore."
John Lackland (1199 - 1216) was an evil king. As ruler of England John was tyrannical, cruel, and unjust. King John was a rapacious man who robbed craftsmen of tools needed to make a living, imprisoned men refusing them a trial, and slaughtered his people to steal land (note King John's last name: "Lackland").

King John's rule incited revolt. The king was summoned to a meadow on the Thames called Runnymede. There King John was confronted and forced to sign his name and affix his seal to MAGNA CARTA or GREAT CHARTER (15 June 1215). Magna Carta--the people's edict--commanded King John to obey the laws of his land, and stop his murders and thievery.

King Edward III (1327 - 1377), obedient to Magna Carta, spared the life of Edmond, earl of Kent, by reversing a peacetime court-martial order of death.
Edward correctly judged peacetime courts-martial punishment attainder , and by extension ruled the court-martial death sentence premeditated murder by attainder.
Tim Harrington's research into the issue of attainder as it relates to the scheduled, premeditate murder of Ronald Gray discovered that Army JAGs wanted Dwight Loving to be murdered with Gray. Tim became suspicious learning that only Gray faced lethal injection, and that Loving's murder was postponed.

Tim wanted to know why Loving's murder was put off.

Reading the Supreme Court opinions on the Loving case it becomes clear King George took Loving's murder off the table motivated out of fear the president as commander in chief was sure to face his own Runnymede confrontation if the Loving decision was closely inspected. (Read Thomas, Scalia, Kennedy, and Stevens)

In their Loving writings, the Supremes actively solicit the question going to the constitutionality of peacetime courts-martial inflicting punishment on U.S. Citizens. This question of attainder remains untested in any federal court. By way of examining this question much of what's been reported on these JAG HUNTER and JAGMIRE pages regarding the american military legacy of attainder would be reviewed, collected, and offered in argument.

To the complete dismay and upset of all the command racketeers involved, Gray's execution serves just as well to inform the Supremes as Loving's going to the important question of attainder.

Repeating here some of what we know for the sake of expediency, those Star Chamber hearings William Winthrop describes as courts-martial, in time of peace, are simply instruments of tyranny by attainder. Courts-martial refuse military men jury trials and stripped them of all constitutional protections other U.S. Citizens enjoy in self-defense.

In a court-martial the only living thing is guilt!

Courts-martial are British imports. Congress did not create the court-martial used in America.

The Constitution outlaws courts-martial as it outlaws acts of attainder.
Congress is forbidden from replacing juries with military commanders in deciding the outcomes of criminal cases!

For the record, King George's command to murder Ronald Gray is an unlawful order and must be disobeyed. Further it is noted that subordinate command racketeers perjure their oaths in defense of the Constitution. Not a single lawyer, federal lawmaker, federal judge, no flag officer is on the record condemning Gray's scheduled murder as an act of attainder.
Sticking a needle into Ronald Gray's arm is like lighting a match to the Constitution. Gray's participation is merely incidental.
Here endth the lesson!
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