Tuesday, July 29, 2008

JAG HUNTER HERE (Posting from the Sweetwater, Tennessee Library):

Murder is the most despotic expression of ATTAINDER!
President Bush as Commander-in-Chief, without a jury's permission, just ordered the first military execution since the early 60s.
As decider-in-chief, President Bush, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, has the final authority to approve capital punishment in the military. He did so yesterday, upholding the death penalty for Ronald A. Gray. Here are reports from the NYT and the AP.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice is an Act of Attainder. The Constitution proscribes Attainder.

Attainder is the product of the rule of man. And in case you've not noticed: The Emperor has no clothes!

Juries hamper kings.

President Bush as CINC will be a partner in murder is this soldier is put to death! This is nothing more than the arbitrary decision of a military commander. No different in type or kind than a hit issued by a Mafia godfather.

Note to our Supreme Court Justices:

Winston Spencer Churchill observes:

Trial by jury of equals, only for offenses know to the law, if maintained makes the difference between bond and free.

You are here directly confronted and challenged to check premises. Before you stands a classic Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged contradiction: It's impossible for ATTAINDER to be, at once, constitutional and unconstitutional.

An emergency stay must be urgently issued until the ATTAINDER contratiction is effaced, until the Uniform Code of Military Justice is finally reconcilled with our Constitution.

English Minister Thomas Wentworth Strafford was murdered in an act of ATTAINDER in the Spring of 1640. The Earl of Strafford's closing speech to the Lower House of Commons is particularly cautionary to President/CINC Bush and all federal legislators as the clock ticks away:

My lords, it is my present misfortune, but forever yours...and except your lordships' wisdom provides for it, the shedding of my blood may make a way for the tracing of yours.

More on ATTAINDER appears below and throughout these JAG HUNTER and JAGMIRE pages. Go to the internal search dialog boxes and just range about.

The hope, the experiment, the prayer was that our country would evolve into a Nation of Laws, and not men. We have become instead--in abject shame--a nation of lawyers.


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At Tue Jul 29, 06:49:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great work as alway's. Maybe folks will wake up and understand what is being done to their men and women in uniform!



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