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“ROE” Rules of Endangerment:
The “new manipulated” guideline for the military leadership to abandon their men and women in uniform while maintaining their place in history.

Don and All:

As promised, I have taken the time to title and name these writings. Documents that have come into our possession are filling in all blanks bringing this entire masquerade into perspective.

These missing pieces of information uncovers the evidence that the Government and all defense councils were not allowed or it was decided that it could not be used in the defense of these Marines and Soldiers.

What is revealing in the most basic thoughts are within itself criminal acts. The purpose was to keep the truth of operations that was put into place away from the media and the American people. If Laurence Hutchins III, Sgt. U.S.M.C. is guilty of anything, he is guilty of telling the truth! We have the combat operations logs and memos of the real everyday life of true “Warriors. The biggest shame is that none of this information was allowed in these trials as provided by the Constitution of the United States on behalf of these Marines. The Constitution takes precedence over the UCMJ and sets the standard as ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The misinformation that has been published by the main stream media and most especially Mr. Mark Walker of the North County Times concerning the Pendleton 8 in particular has set a new standard of entertainment. These folks want to keep the aura of so called “war crimes” going in order to sell themselves and their papers for self-aggrandizement. They know the truth! We also have documents and transcripts of these cases which these entities refused or were told that it could not be printed setting the stage to work with the government and NCIS, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Either way they were not competent to have taken on the task. Thereby their own involvement and writings have become part of the cover up.

Lt. Phan in the beginning of the Ronin” diaries writes: “ My guy’s call me Ronin. I earned this call sign a while back during our work up in preparation for our deployment to Iraq. I guess the name signifies how stubborn I am some times or how I like to do things a little differently from the rest of my peers. Our Co. is Kilo Company 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, call sign Samurai. This is a memoir of my experience in Iraq shared with my guy’s, my boy’s, my Marines. This is our story.” We are willing to bet at this point in time that the Lieutenant could not ever have imagined the story of deceit and abandonment that would follow with the help of the media and the government has brought to them. From his writings one would think when given the chance to have honor and speak the truth that he would do so for the men who would have followed him off the edge of the earth in a moments notice. In hindsight, who could hold him responsible when his senior leadership abandoned him. It is with disbelief what was and wasn’t done in these courts- martial. The documents are the work product of the investigation by NCIS and were not allowed to come out in the defense of the very Marines that were being accused of “War Crimes” coincidence not possible. The true story and smoking gun of these documents are the exposition of a well orchestrated play and the work product by those who want to conceal what it takes for today’s warrior to meet mission standards and success with minimal risk to them in their environment. The press with its appetite for “war crimes” and news that works well in their environment as well as their bias of their opinion of war were the easiest tools for the government to use in order to keep these sanctioned activities quiet. All that was needed to convict and meet the press standards was to continue to give them “ meat”. It’s that easy in this one-sided black opp’s of secrecy. Thank God the media of today was not on scene or embedded during the second World War. Can you just imagine what would have been reported about the operations on Iwo and the hero’s and legends that make up the Corps history?

The release of information on the “JAG HUNTER” on Thursday speaks of the days and dates of this so-called incident and supposed crime. There is no crime when following orders. Lt. Phan’s own notes reveal how they had to set and execute an ambush. But more importantly, his combat ledger also reveals the order of the day that actually there had been an ongoing patrol from April 25th. In these “Frag” orders that are given prior to moving to the objectives are discussed and understood by the NCO’s in command of the patrols. This information and or notes would be in the Lt, Phan’s thumb drive and laptop. The documents that are quoted are derived from his daily diary that he maintained with meticulous detail. This brings me to the next point, The Co. CO. Capt. Correa. (Now Maj.)

This is what some would call the “BOSS”. Funny thing, he is some-ones “boss” but even he answers to and operates with orders from his “BOSS” which in turn goes up the chain of “COMMAND” and command answers to there perspective “BOSSES”. In the service there is a chain of command but most importantly a chain of “responsibility and accountability”. I will now add another quote from the RONNIN” Diaries.

“Captain Corria, the commanding Officer of Kilo Company (my Boss) came out of the field earlier this morning. He only comes out of the field for his command and staff meetings with the B.C. (Battalion Commander) on Wednesday nights. I link up with them to get the latest updates on the [removed] and get the “FRAG” order (Fragmentary orders) before I head out tonight. We’re starting a new rotation, eight days out, four day’s back (It was six and three before) 1st platoon [removed] will stay out an extra day and 2nd platoon [removed] will get an extra day off. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about this, but my offer to relieve 1 was denied”

This is written to show why there was never a murder and why this has been done to these very men in uniform this for reasons of secrecy. Marines do not operate as an individual they operate as a team. This means no one has the rare moment to conduct an operation of this scale in the environment they were operating in with no one knowing where they were!!! One watches the other. These squads work together and operate on a daily basis under the leadership and the direction of the folks discussed above and have to work in this way for basic survival. This information comes from an unimpeachable source and shows this to be the standard on any mission.

Sgt Laurence Hutchins and his squad were sent out on this patrol to continue what has now been made public and known as hunter killer patrols or under Gen. Mattis “Combat Hunter Teams.” This ROE existed in real time to estimate its effectiveness long before the public relations officers from camp Pendleton ever released the information in Mark Walkers article of the North County Times direct from the Marines who were doing this OJT (On The Job Training) and following the orders given by their “BOSS”. While doing these missions (that had to exist for the forward movement of operations) they had targets that were called (HVI) “High Value Insurgents” and the mission statement was not just to capture but kill. Some PC folks will not like what is being written here. For those I would ask would you be willing to trade places? We think not!

The night of this combat action was no different from any that had been repeatedly done for months. What is different is that it has received media attention and the media demanded instant justice as has been their battle cry for months. Note also that Lt. Phan was what is called a “pay agent” This means when they entered houses in the middle of the night to commandeer for operations that if any damage or destruction of the premises or death, Lt. Phan had an open check book to pay for more secrecy along with a humble we’re sorry. Yes, pay for silence. Understand this is also routine procedure and was also part of the mission statements. Now, how many pay agents do you think exist in two country’s right now?

The reason we have had so much trouble with figuring out what went on from the investigation is that there never was an investigation. The so-called investigation was intimidation and stories plotted by once again NCIS with direction from Washington and the Secretary of the Navy. The DOD was directing this escapade with the expertise of a surgeon with full knowledge from 1600 Penn. Ave. The current administration with the help of Congressman Murtha prevented the truth from ever rising to the surface.

We can tell you first hand what it has been like to gain the ears of Senators and Congressmen on both sides of the isle. These current bantering’s by all three candidates for election to the highest office is also a charade. EVERYONE in Washington knows the truth but they do not know how to explain it.

So in closing some thoughts. Gen. Mattis made a statement in a private conversation that if we could prove an order was given or eluded too………. Then Larry should be set free.

Here is the answer: Laurence Hutchins III was given orders by his direct OIC (Officer in charge) Lt. Phan to go to this location for a HVI (High Value Insurgent). He was briefed with the frag orders given that night or prior to the description and orders to locate and kill a certain individual. Whether the right person was targeted is not the issue. The orders were given and they were followed by a good group of Marines who had done the same many times before. These documents speak for themselves. Will he stand by his AAR? I can’t speak for him. Sgt. Hutchins has been locked away now for almost eight months after his trial without discussion. We can tell you that we have spoken to folks who have talked to him and he has confirmed the information in the documents. The documents that we have been sent by a source that is impeachable and is written by the Governments own hand. I don’t think he will stand by his AAR (after action report). He no longer needs to be loyal to those who have most certainly been disloyal to him, either to Lt. Phan, the Corps or those running the Corps.

We started writing this information two days ago. We have been interrupted by news on a daily basis from many veterans who have read the truth.

To those Congressmen and folks in Washington, especially Mr. Delahunt, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Kerry… you are all from this young Marines state; and, Mr. Delahunt is his representative in the 10th district. You have had your staff involved in the courts-martial and he has had personal knowledge of. what has been written several times. We have spoken to his staff and they all know what the truth is and have not moved forward on any of this information or held anyone accountable for wrongfully putting this young Marine in the political dungeon he now finds himself in. Politics are over he should be set free immediately.

I was asked last night by a family directly involved in this terrible instance of injustice. The question was.. Does it matter to me if we help to show the truth and it disgraces the Marine Corps.

My answer: We have been reminded several times over the last many months that we have all taken an oath. This includes those who serve in both houses. Our oaths like many others before and after me were also asked to swear to the Corps not to just protect the Constitution and what we stand for but also our duty to the Marine Corps. This is what we are doing with Marine Vets all over the country. This injustice does not represent the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps will carry on long after we are all gone. What it does represent is the disgrace of those in command positions. In the Corps, for those who have not had the pleasure of earning a title, an individual does not represent anything. If someone was to call you and individual while in uniform you knew you had been caught in the wrong and there was no answer for the proclamation. These individuals in command are directly responsible not only for what is uncovered through their mismanagement but are indirectly responsible for feeding those entities that are protesting all around the country. They have brought a shame that never should have existed in the first place when all that was needed was to tell the truth and stand up for the Marines in uniform and their families who support them and also make up the Marine Corps.

The leadership of the corps is just that and in it you have decent and indecent folks. At this particular time there seems to be some people who have committed some errors in judgment and in their actions you will find that it reflects on them and them only.

So, in ending, there is still time for honor. We know our fighting men and women have it and we know it lives and breathes well in the junior ranks. We wait to see what the leadership is made off and how far they are willing to go and how bad they are willing to disgrace the things they control. The Marine Corps will survive… too many stories of achievements; too many heroes past and present and in the future…this is the Marine Corps. Those at the top control there own destiny not the Corps.

There have been a number of petitions circulating that folks have sent around signed in Sgt. Hutchins behalf. We are sending ours:

To: Lt.Gen. Helland:

Now is the time to set Sgt. Larry Hutchins free. We know through Haditha and the investigating body involved in Hamdania that no crimes have or ever were committed. These marines are Marines following the history of the Corps and have followed the “ROE” to the letter that has been set in place by the CIC. The documentation that is being released into the hands of veterans around the country will become public property where at this time it belongs. It will show all that has been withheld in the defense of true Warriors that you and the politicians have sent to war. It shows the deceit and abandonment by their leadership at the highest levels and reveals to these young warriors that their enemy is not always in front of them. It lurks behind, masked as political correctness, and men running a military like a corporation. The two do not mix. You are all historians. These families and Marines and Soldiers have paid a dear price…once to leave for battle and once the battle you put upon them. Let Larry out. Restore his dignity and the pain that this has caused all the families and replace their entire honor by telling the truth and abiding by the truth. This needs to be done today.

These documents do show that the Emperor has no clothes!

Tim Harrington

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