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Congressmen and commanders nowadays are like leaky diapers. They can't be trusted and must be frequently changed for the same reasons.



"--'can I call you Court?' she asked him. 'It sounds so--I don't know: so strong and savage. Ruthless, sort of, General Court..."

[Army General Courtney Massengale interrupted the movie starlet, finishing her sentence]

'Ah, but imagine if my last name had been Marshall.' "

--Anton Myrer in his military classic novel: ONCE AN EAGLE (1968)


The military system can say this for itself: It knows what it wants, and it systematically goes in and gets it."

--John Henry Wigmore, dean of American evidence law and World War I JAG



Promising general courts-martial punishment and deep family embarrassment non-related accusations regarding sex crimes and aberrant personal behavior (real or invented) unscrupulous military detectives and JAGs forced false witness testimony to knowingly and illicitly imprison Sergeants Larry Hutchins, Ray Girouard, and other innocent men.

Sponsors in the sacrifice of our sergeants to the gods of political expediency Congressmen Jack Murtha, Bill Delahunt and John Duncan--in concert with the generals, the JAGs, and creep detectives--are furiously scrambling today to contain (with frantic hope to control) the unstoppable political firestorm about to explode in a stiffening wind.

Representatives Norm Dicks, Jay Inslee, and John Shadegg--standing upwind with burnt matches fallen at their feet--suffer the same worries.

But damage control is impossible, overtaken by unfolding events.

The word is out!

Detailed public disclosure regarding threats made against Brad Mason, Jason Graber, Corey Clagett, William Huntsacker, and Robert Pennington forcing these warriors to lie under oath are imminent.


Ironically it was the perceived threat of compromise and public disclosure that led us to where we find ourselves this day. Disgruntled troops shooting off their mouths combined with Iraqis angling for a hush-money payday panicked U.S. commanders and lawmakers by intimating they'd tell all regarding the true nature of urban street fighting and the rules of engagement (ROE) approved for use by U.S. infantry troops.

It became necessary for the congressmen and commanders to invent barefaced falsehoods to foist a valiant character on themselves. So those specific, but routine combat events about to come under a magnifying glass were declared "war crimes" and the Marines and soldiers involved dragged into courts-martial.


The strongest argument to be advanced in protest to America's military adventures overseas is that congressmen and commanders are more than capable and willing to entomb innocent infantry soldiers and Marines to conceal from the folks at home the stark reality of urban, counter-insurgent war fighting against an enemy that refuses to wear a uniform.

Given our politically correct and incendiary society congressmen and commanders were unprepared and unable to survive the scorching scrutiny should the ROE for ground operations be revealed.

These command creeps didn't want you to know, for instance, what Marine Lieutenant Nathan Phan recognizes as every day, unremarkable routine combat events:

"We do what is necessary to get the job done" Phan writes. "I'm what they call a Paying Agent. It means I'm authorized to reimburse Iraqi civilians with U.S. government dollars as restitution in the event we damage their personal property or cause unnecessary grief. This tends to happen a lot. Not because we're a bunch of [vulgarity deleted] who like to blow things up, beat [or kill] women and children...[but because] What is necessary for us means unnecessary suffering for them. We conduct raids in the dead of night, kick families out of their homes and take over...we do this on a regular basis. This may seem harsh or even cruel, but it is absolutely necessary."

Make no mistake...Sergeants Hutchins and Girouard and their men faced general courts-martial for doing what is commonly considered "absolutely necessary." They did exactly as they were ordered!

Army Colonel Michael "Black Hawk Down" Steele exhorted his men to regard the enemy as faceless, immoral, and inhuman (what we know of Steele's "hoo-ah" speech comes from those very few people who've viewed a not yet released documentary titled: AN AMERICAN SOLDIER). Steel's men were ordered to kill all military aged males (MAMs) on sight during their IRON TRIANGLE operation assault on a terrorist training camp near Samara, Iraq. It was in the infantry's ROE!

But congressmen and commanders could not allow Lt. Phan's or Col. Steele's testimonies to be publicly voiced in defense of their sergeants and infantrymen. Military aristocrats, martial royalty toiled aggressively, tirelessly, and decisively to block ground commanders from repeating orders they'd given their men in the field.

Ergo: The need for the cover stories!


"The military system can say this for itself: It knows what it wants and it systematically goes in and gets it!"

For the cover story plans to work command racketeers had to hang the sergeants (plausible deniability doncha know).

Since May 1951 the character of the court-martial is that of a psychological operation (PSYOP). It's simply an imposing tool in the ultimate expression of Executive will. Courts-martial--in their design, intent, and sublime operation--are the naked application of irresistible force.

The courts-martial PSYOPs process is forceful enough to make people lie about others and to lie about themselves.

Courts-martial PSYOPs prey upon the very weakest.

Flag officers--generally speaking--do not face courts-martial (pun intended!).

Unscrupulous military detective creeps and deceitful, dishonest JAGs are sanctioned, encouraged, and nowadays emboldened to commit despicable acts against our warriors, their families, and their extended communities.

Martial monsters--the JAGs and detective agents assigned by military royalty--exploit targets whose psychological complexions and makeups are marked by lower levels of maturity, sophistication, education, and intelligence.

Special agents like Jim Connolly (aggressively profiled on these JAG HUNTER pages regarding the Camp Pendleton Eight series of courts-martial) mentally torture our kids during interrogation sessions like those American POWs suffered during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. Devious and sinister JAGs and special agents deprive those they accuse, their comrades, and their families of the freedom to speak the truth. Congressmen and commanders play with their constituents and men by inoculating them with false hope and extraordinary fear. These terrible people inject terror, suspicions of one another, doubts, and mistrust.

Men and women like Jim Connolly threatened obstruction in one Marine seeking U.S. citizenship.

Pernicious men and women like Jim Connolly threatened the kind of repercussions and violence attendant to accusations of pedophilia, child-porn, statuary rape (real or not in any case) that had nothing to do with the events in question.

Innuendo tore combat units and families apart. Mom and dads wondered if they knew their boy. Siblings wondered if they knew each other. Privates were forced to lie about their sergeants while the officers betrayed and lied about their men.

This is how the restructured courts-martial PSYOP works. It is the ultimate expression of Executive will. The will of the commander in chief.

The congressmen and commanders are more than willing to build and advance ghost stories about the lowly infantryman, to protect and shield themselves, and to keep secret from you--the American body politic--the orders being issued to men like Hutchins and Girouard.

Courts-martial PSYOPs facilitated martial injunctions guarding against disclosure or compromise of ground combat operations overseas.

Recent and alarming comments uttered by military politicos close more public cases are particularly clear and instructive explaining how courts-martial are so exceptionally useful in the exploitation of U.S. servicemen.

David Brahms, pointing at the congressmen, sardonically commented: "Who cares about these men?" Brahms continued: These soldiers and Marines are one can find where these men live on a map of the U.S."

John Kivlan flaunting his prior knowledge of conviction, and who later sat in the hearing room, told Sergeant Hutchins' parents that no one was going to uncover the corruption. Their son was going to a military prison innocent or not. Pay attention to the sentencing phase.

Jonathan Griswold, when petitioned to challenge Ray Girouard's court-martial (among others) declined in this candid response: "Who wants to take on the DOD?"

David Brahms is a retired one-star brigadier general and former Judge Advocate, Marines.

Kivlan is the staff attorney to Representative Bill Delahunt.

Griswold is the national security advisor to Congressman John Duncan.

It's worth noting that Brahms was the paid civilian defense counsel to Marine Lance Corporal Robert Pennington. Brahms was (and remains) a full participant in the travesties described above. David Brahms is to Lcpl. Pennington as Rich Brannon is to Sgt. Hutchins, as Anita Gorecki is to SSgt. Ray Girouard. Each of the defense attorneys robbed their clients, their families, and their communities by cooperating with and advancing the government's ghost cover stories.

The cover stories were easy to dismantle. Military detectives and unreliable witnesses and evidence were ripe for impeachment. Competent and concerned--honest and honorable defense teams and individual counselors could have extracted from the infantry COs information regarding the ROE and actual scheme of operations for the urban street war fight. Under defense questioning the infantry commanders could have narrated in intimate detail the routine nature of raid and ambush carried out in watch-bill rotation before and after those days in question. The COs could have discussed ROE orders to kill all MAMs, to patrol and engage any suspicious vehicle or structure. They could have revealed the existence of the high-value insurgents hit list and the deployment of "Hunter-Killer" teams to reduce the number of MAMs on that list, or to shoot on sight those insurgents found in the act of planting improvised explosive devices.

Cowardly lion commanders instead crafted and advanced elaborate "war crimes" cover stories pointing to their men as rogue soldiers or Marines gone off the reservation. The infantry COs dishonored themselves by providing cover for higher ranking officers and congressmen (the command racketeers). The commanding officers in monstrous acts of betrayal, turned their backs leaving their men for dead--buried alive in the DOD catacombs.

Corrupt and complicit defense teams colluded with each other and with the government abandoning our warriors in service to their own self-aggrandizement, self-promotion, and self interests.

Congressmen and commanders nowadays are like leaky diapers. They can't be trusted and must be frequently changed for the same reasons.

America does not plant the seed of democracy on foreign shores--in this Great Moral Enterprise--by burying innocent soldiers and Marines alive at home as political prisoners.

Congressmen and commanders fail to extend or extol the virtues of Freedom overseas by destroying the lives and homes of innocent people!

The children are watching!

As so many others are watching.

Here endth the lesson.


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