Monday, January 28, 2008

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I received a disturbing letter last Friday (25 January 2008) from a resident in the Jackson Park housing area supporting Navy Base Kitsap (near Silverdale, Washington, my former residence).

The letter reports awarness on the part of Jackson Park residents over the past 36-months of a "growing problem with sexual predators and child molesters in the local (Kitsap county, Bremerton-Silverdale, Washington) Navy community."

The letter continues...

"I am writing now to you because we have become aware of a sexual offender living in Jackson Park...I called the navy housing office to complain" and was warned..."[If you value your family's future in the navy] you won't bring this up again."

The letter continues...

"I also found out that another high-ranking officer from [Submarine Base Bangor - near Silverdale] is under investigation for sexual crimes, and that a catholic navy chaplain was just under investigation for sexual crimes, but these people were of the right rank and had the right friends and were allowed to retire early. No harm done to them."

"I'm writing to you because of [these] issues which the navy chain of command and the media [in and around Kitsap county] haves chosen to ignore...[we are] very upset [and too] scared to tell anybody."

Anyone with information regarding these issues is actively solicited here at The JAG HUNTER. Private information will remain private.


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