Saturday, August 11, 2007

JAG HUNTER HERE: We will never know the truth regarding the combat action that occurred on 26 April 2006 in Hamdania, Iraq.

Due to Jim Connolly's BIG LIE happily repeated by the likes of Marine Corporal Marshall Magincalds, counselor Joseph Low, and AP reporter Tom Watkins, it's impossible to even know what happened that day - if it were ever possible.

We do know NCIS Special Agent Jim Connolly and his goon squad team invented or destroyed or withheld information and the best evidence depicting Marine engatement with an enemy force in Hamdania in April 2006.

Jim Connolly is a criminal. Members of Connolly's NCIS henchmen team are criminals. The truth of their illicit business is in plain view and growing.

Jim Mattis, one-half of the "JIM & JIM SHOW" wrongfully disciplined nine Marines based upon what Jim Mattis knows to be the fiction of Jim Connolly. Putting aside motives for the moment, we do know JIM & JIM rigged all nine military ceremonies.

The truth will out.

Here endth the lesson.

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