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Sergeant of Marines Tim Harrington
called with an update. Tim reports sources attending Sgt. Hutchins' court-martial heard Lance Corporal Robert Pennington testify yesterday in service to the government's fiction regarding enemy contact in Hamdania, Iraq on 26 April 2006. Tellingly and predictably, Pennington can't remember the BIG LIE and has stumbled through his government suborned perjury and is now caught in multiple contradictions to earlier statements.

NCIS agents, members of JIM CONNOLLY'S NCIS EDITORIAL BOARD, forced Pennington to rewrite his plea-deal statement three times before it was accepted for NCIS court-martial use.

Lt. Col. John Baker, puppet prosecutor working for Lt. Gen. James Mattis, came unglued when Pennington went off-script describing Marine Corps training techniques at the USMC "VIPER SCHOOL" for urban warfare. "DEAD CHECKS," Pennington said, are taught as standard operating procedure. Pennington also related that Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins was not on-scene during the brunt of the fire-fight, but instead monitored the situation by radio as narrated by Pennington who was in the fight.

The only shots Sgt. Hutchins fired were in accordance with his strict Marine Corps training, in defense of himself, in defense of his men, and well within Sgt. Hutchins' rules of engagement.


Sgt. Hutchins is telling the truth!!

Lt. Gen. JAMES MATTIS, the WARRIOR MONK, is directly responsible and accountable for this entire outrage. MATTIS perfectly describes what I've described as a criminal in command and part of a military RICO (racketeer influenced corrupt organization). Army Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba has described the same group of senior officers as a military "Mafia" in Taguba's interview with Seymour Hersh!!!

Two days ago, in a separate court-martial ceremony of Marshall Magincalda, Pennington performed like a circus monkey wrestling on the floor with a crash-test-like dummy. Pennington's circus act was intended to "visualize" the government's fiction.

Lt. Col. Baker, unannounced to to the defense or hearing officer, attempted the performance again yesterday in the Hutchins' military hearing. The hearing officer closed the show, disallowing Pennington to grovel on the deck with Baker's "visual aid."

Private First Class John J. Jodka, III and Lance Corporal Tyler A. Jackson testified Wednesday that Jim Connolly's NCIS henchmen coerced Jodka's and Jackson's written statements. Lance Corporal Pennington is the third Marine reporting NCIS criminal conduct publicly. Connolly, called to the stand Wednesday, was dismissed by the hearing officer within minutes. CONNOLLY is already tangled up in perjury. CONNOLLY is expected recalled to the stand in the Hutchins court-martial to finish up his prosecutorial dirty work.

It's expected CONNOLLY will be read his Miranda rights next time CONNOLLY shows his face.

Worth remembering is that Hutchins' platoon commander, Second Lieutenant Nathan Phan, was forced to speak statements against self-interest while military officers, including at least one JAG, destroyed Phan's computer records. These same records are believed exculpatory and could have been used in Sgt. Hutchins' defense.

Destruction of Phan's thumb drive is a criminal act!

Here endth the lesson.

Beware the fury of the patient man!!

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