Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Yesterday, military judge Lt. Col. Jeffrey Meeks twice asked Jodka if NCIS agents used 'heavy-handed tactics' to attribute statements to him that were inaccurate but helpful in the case against Hutchins.

'Yes, sir,' Jodka replied. In particular, he said agent Kyle Casey inserted information that 'would look better in the statement.' ”

JAG HUNTER here: NCIS Special Agent James H. Connolly is contemporaneously suffers under a federal criminal complaint filed with the NCIS, Defense Criminal Investigative Service, and FBI. Connolly's tactics, and those of his playmate NCIS agents, have been complained about for nearly 100 years. Congress, and the press have ignored these complaints allowing NCIS agents to become emboldened, polished, and sophisticated in forcing statements under duress (or creating them outright through criminal impersonation) themselves all but immune from criminal consequence!

Here endth the lesson.

Beware the fury of the patient man!

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