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Staff Sergeant Raymond L. Girouard's letter to America:

One day you're in charge of 1.2 million dollars worth of military equipment, 8 soldiers, and their families lives, staff sergeant, U.S. Army Ranger, 2 back-to-back combat tours as a sniper squad leader, RECON squad leader, line squad leader, in a highly decorated unit, with numerous awards, special skill badges, and ribbons, the best training the ARMY has to offer, sacrifices too great to mention, then one day you're called a murderer, stripped of your weapon, soldiers, and pride, to be told the last 5 years of your life are worthless, then to be restrained by shackles, handcuffs, and chains, to be guarded everywhere you go 24/7.

SSgt. Girouard, Raymond L.
101st Airborne 3 BCT, 3-187th Infantry
Rakkasans, U.S. Army Ranger*
JAG Hunter here: Counselor Hugh Hewitt, syndicated radio talk show host and regular commentator at recently asked his audiences: "What did you do after 9/11?" Counselor Hewitt continued:
I don’t think it is a stretch to conclude that young men who declined the opportunity to serve in uniform during this war will find themselves being asked “Why didn’t you come to the defense of your country after it was attacked?” I asked the young men who were objecting to my proposition to consider the answers they would be giving in a few years.
Too bad SSgt. Ray Girouard wasn't able to call in to give his answer which appears above. It's America's answer to Counselor Hewitt's question. It's the answer I would've given.

Think 'bout it in the New Year!

Here endth the lesson.

*SSgt. Girouard's letter to America is gently edited.
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